50 Easy Ways to Save Money

By making a conscious effort to keep track of your spending you will find it easy to save your money! Small adjustments add up to big savings. Here are 50 ways to keep you and your wallet happy!

1. Visit EveryDeal to find deals and discounts on products you love!
2. Drop the gym membership and workout at home with free online videos
3. Turn off your lights
4. Reduce your heat
5. Paint your own nails
6. Cancel subscriptions
7. Find a credit card company that offers cash back or bonuses
8. Go on dates that don't cost money
9. Pack your lunch
10. Don't do groceries on an empty stomach


11. Make your own gift instead of buying one
12. Shop at thrift stores, yard sales and dollar stores
13. Buy generic
14. Hang your laundry to dry
15. Save your loose change
16. Invite your friends over, rather than going out
17. Buy in bulk
18. If you're a student, teacher, senior or military member check out our discount guides to see which stores offer you discounts!
19. Get a piggy bank and save your change
20. Switch to a bank with lower or no monthly fees


21. Take advantage of grocery flyers and coupons
22. Don't waste your food
23. Use cold water for laundry
24. Carpool or bike to work
25. Buy seasonal items after the holiday passes to get them on sale
26. Buy a coffee machine rather than going to a coffee shop daily
27. Share meals when dining out
28. Use websites such as Mint to keeps track of your budget and bank account
29. Go to restaurants where kids eat free


30. Discontinue your cable
31. Make a grocery list and budget then stick to it
32. Grow a garden
33. Sell things you don't use
34. Plan a clothing and/or meal swap with your friends
35. Cut back on entertainment expenses
36. Check out your free local attractions
37. Run your washing machine and dishwasher only when full
38. Take advantage of happy hour
39. Stop impulse shopping


40. Switch from paper napkins to cloth napkins
41. Make your own cleaners with vinegar and water
42. Buy dryer balls rather than sheets
43. Reevaluate your cell phone bill
44. See how you can get cash back on groceries
45. Get hand-me-downs from friends and family members
46. Keep snacks on you when running around for the day
47. Have a potluck with friends and family
48. Go through your closet to remind yourself of lost gems
49. Save your $5 bills
50. Write down reasons why you need to save and remind yourself about them