The Best Mobile Apps for Following the US Elections 2016

Our Mobile App Picks for Following the US Elections 2016

As you enter the home stretch concluding the unequivocal rollercoaster that has been the 2016 US Election, many people become weary of the constant barrage of television news and long, dry articles that make up the bulk of election coverage.

Thankfully, Facebook Blogspam and the unceasing rhetoric of popular talking heads is not the only way to get the news you need to make an informed voting choice while also being up to date on the latest and greatest happenings of the last few days of the US Election 2016. Many companies who have noticed people growing tired of the incessant white noise of the major news networks have taken it upon themselves to deliver both candidate information and the latest updates on polling and major events.

Many have likened the US Election 2016 to a major sports game. People pick teams, make signs, and wait with baited breath to see who will finally end up winning the championship. In order to truly enjoy a game, however, you must first have a team to root for. These first few apps will help you do just that, while also helping you develop your own personal philosophies and opinions that you can later use to make informed decisions when the time arises.

1: Voter

Voter is the Tinder of political candidates. They will pose you a question or stance, and you can choose to embrace or renounce it. These questions will range from tax plans to social issues and everything in between. The best part is, as more information about the candidates comes to light, their stance is added to the pen of questions held for you to help determine who your values truly support. Besides simply helping you find which of the major candidates you align with more, Voter has a vault of information on the history, track record, policies and views of each third party candidate. Whether you seek history, general information, or detailed policy views for each candidate, Voter is your foremost resource.

2: Countable

Like Voter, Countable uses various types of questions to try to get a gauge of where you stand on the political spectrum. Although lacking the Tinder like swipe simplicity of Voter, it provides essential information and prominent arguments on each side of each question. While Voter helps you ascertain where you stand, Countable will help you see why you stand there. In addition, it's usefulness does not stop on November 8th. Given that it remains on your phone, it will give you access to information and deadlines pertaining to congressional and senate votes that are relevant to the issues that you care about. Reading it, you will be able to get past the legal jargon to see what is at stake, who supports the motion, who opposes the motion, and the arguments behind each. If you wish to become politically aware beyond the month of November every four years, Countable is the app for you.

3: VoterPal

Now that you have the resources to decide how you would like to vote, you should make sure that you have the ability to walk into the polling office and exercise your right. VoterPal is a simple app which allows you to scan the code on your driver's license to determine your registration status. If needed, it will also show you the step by step process by which you can register. This app is the next step for you to take after you have considered and decided your preferred candidate, and the one which will allow you to make your consideration into action.

4: All Politics

Now that you have taken a position and prepared yourself to act on it, you have the privilege of experiencing the agonizing wait to see what the final outcome is, and what caused it. Major news apps can usually be counted on to have neither efficient news nor efficient apps. all Politics takes the most relevant political stories from each publication, condenses them into readable formats, and gives you easy access to the information which you actually care about. Streamlined information to relevant news is the goal of the app, and it satisfies it quite well. If you wish to avoid the clutter and bias of the major networks, all Politics is for you.

5: FrontRunner

Having a position, the power to act on it, the ability to become fully politically aware, and all the major US Election news streamlined directly to your phone, there is only one thing missing. Your ability to agonizingly stare at ever updating polling numbers as statisticians from all around the country make their best effort to determine the winner before all the votes have rolled in. What better way to do that than with a constantly updating live map of each state? Both past and current trends, demographic information, historical precedent, and of course the most up to date polls all go into the complex program that helps FrontRunner give you the best predictions on the eventual winner of the most watched election in the world.

So as you enter the last few days of this historic event, you now have all the resources you need to fully immerse yourself in the process and become one of the few who has an informed voice which they make count. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!