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The gang at EveryDeal search high and low for quality products for our fans. Little do many people know that there are places on Amazon or Ebay that few venture off in. We like to call it the deep shelf of digital shopping. These shelves are far deeper than a Dollar Store shelves.

Every week we bring you a collection from this cornucopia of odd and whacky goodies. These goodies may serve you some interest and others may scare you from ever coming back. If you decide to explore the deep dark shelves remember to send us a link to your crazy finds. And we may post it and regift it to one of our EveryDeal fans.








Now you can further your career as a Super Hero and strengthen your face while you're at it. Say good bye to evil wrinkles that are the kryptonite of our ego. I would like to introduce to you the MELADY the first of it's kind to fight for youth, justice, and the ageless way.  The benefits of this product are out of this universe and will unite you to a more fresh younger you. For as little as $12.99 you can fight back against the crime of time.


 About this Product

  • Fashion Breathable Anti Eye Wrinkle Compact Type Eye-lift Belt Mask Eye Exercisers
  • Eliminate eye wrinkles
  • Full face lift and compact the skin,Improve facial skin laxity
  • After wearing a mask to wear a dressing to absorb further consolidate detoxification
  • Size:Free size



Three's Company

ThighMaster LBX

Okay, this may not be Three's Company but it's definitely all Suzanne Sommers. This record breaking exercise gimmick sold over $100,000,000 world wide and continues to find it's way into our homes. Not only portable but fit's comfortably between the quadriceps femoris and the hamstring. After use, you may be walking like a cowboy, but on a positive note, you'll have firm legs like a youthful Suzanne Sommers.


About This Product

  • Take it anywhere! Small size allows for easy portability
  • Perfect for shaping Thighs
  • Tone and Shape upper Arms
  • Work the Abdominals
  • Customize your workout for the results you want!



The Snorepin


Nose Basket Amazon 


These aren't two mini harvesting baskets. It's a groundbreaking scientifical achievement. Look no further when trying to tame the evening roar, the Snorepin calm that thunder down. It's the perfect holiday stocking gift or better a gift to say, "I love you".

 Who knew something so small could take down such a loud giant.


About The Product

  • COST EFFECTIVE - Each package includes two snorepin sets!
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ENT DOCTORS - 30 Days Money back Guarantee.
  • IMPROVED MODEL - Little slits on the surface let the nasal hair catch airborne particles and prevent them from reaching the lungs. This proves to be healthier and will improve the quality of sleep.
  • NEW DESIGN - This device's new design effectively puts an end to snoring. It also reduces symptoms of dry mouth by dilating the nostrils to ensure easy nasal breathing all night long. It guarantees better airflow through its anatomic conical shape. Made from Antiallergic Polyurethane (produced without Latex), the snore pin will not attract dust and is dishwasher safe.
  • HIGHLY RECEASE OF USE - Pre-curved design ensures comfort and convenience. This sleek model is unobtrusive and virtually unnoticeable to others
Smile Maker

The Smile Maker

Don't be so down! It's not that you can't smile, you just have to work at it. This Smile exerciser will make your smile stronger, brighter and bigger. One out of twenty-five dentists agree that a daily routine of gum-aerobics and brushing will give you the smile you always wanted.

About This Product

  • Smile Maker stretches the muscles on the lips end and this could help you to have a brighter smile and a good impression.
  • Use Smile Maker three times a day just for one minute
  • Mouth Muscles Brace makes for a more natural smile Smile Maker is ideal for Stewardess, Service jobs, people with an expressionless face.
  • Material: Silicone; Size: 7.6*2.6*3.2cm/2.99*1.02*1.26inch(L*W*H)
  • Color: Green,Orange; Package Included: 1pc Smile Maker

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