Create, Build and Play Hot Tech Toys for 2016

We Found The Hottest Tech Toys for 2016

Whether you're looking for a gift to stimulate the mind by encouraging creative juices in your kids or just want to get a little advanced fun for yourself, you can't go wrong with one of the hot tech toys for 2016.

Meccano - Meccanoid XL 2.0


Enlarging the wow factor are these kid-sized robots that tell jokes, dance, and interact, all while teaching the basics of hardware and software engineering. Program them by moving them and recording their actions, controlling their 3D virtual models, or by having them mimic what you're doing. They're also compatible with your Bluetooth® devices through the iOS and Android Free App. And when you want something new, transform your robot into a dog or intelligent car. Meccanoid parts easily combine with classic Meccano parts.


BB8 Amazon

Sphero BB8 Droid

Bring the cute and mischievous character from Star Wars into your home with this app-enabled droid. You won't need a planet-sized lot plot to run this toy through its paces. He's sized to fit on a table top. He's smart enough to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ with you while reacting. Or you can just send him to check out his new environment by sliding your finger on a compatible iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device like a smartphone or tablet. 


Anki Overdrive Amazon

Anki Overdrive

Drive yourself into the future with miniature Supercars that plot deadly courses using powerful artificial intelligence. You can nominally tell your racer where to go but since it's self-aware, don't be surprised if it starts going its own way. Play them more frequently and they'll get better at figuring out the tactics of you and your friends. The Starter Kit lets you set up eight battle tracks. Then customize such weapons as a plasma cannon, chain gun, depth charge, or electro pulse so you come out on top of every encounter.


Kano Computer Amazon

Kano Computer Kit Model

You won't need a college degree to design a computer with this kit, which is designed for ages 6-plus and requires no technical skills. With the help of a storybook, you or your kids can follow some easy steps to put some parts together. Pretty soon, you'll have a working computer that can come alive. Tell it what to do with programming code in Python, Javascript, or Unix. Create art, develop websites or make some games. You'll unlock the power to hundreds of hours of projects like Pong, Snake, and hacks for Minecraft.



Wonder Dash Amazon

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Right out of the box, this robot becomes your kid's high-tech pal. He's ready to sing and dance while responding to voice commands. Without having to crack open a book or attend boring classes, your kids can use included apps to play. With Path, they learn how to code trips for the toy even if they can't read. Xylo plays favorite songs or improvised tunes. And Wonder, for ages 8-plus, relies on a picture-based coding language so kids can tell Dash how to move and interact with the world. 


3d Doodler Amazon

3Doodler Create 3D Pen

When a doodle on a pad won't do, this pen draws in three dimensions using extruded heated plastic that cools almost immediately. Create actual house models, toys, or abstract sculptures in multiple colors. When you need a quick accessory for your smartphone, a missing part for a scale model, or desk art, this pen delivers with over 65 colors and materials like Sparkle, Glow, Flexy, and Glossy. Changeable nozzles let you doodle in different shapes and you can find inspiration from downloadable projects on the free community page.


3d printer Amazon

XYZprinting da Vinci mini 3D Printer

If you're a maker or just want the power of one, this affordable 3D printer delivers. Although it's small and lightweight enough to stand on a tabletop, this miniMaker builds almost up to six cubic inches. Create toys, scale models, games, or parts with colored filament. A free downloadable version of XYZmaker software allows even beginners to design in three dimensions virtually before sending creations to be printed. Teachers and students get free access to an online education system that puts 3D printing in the classroom.

Razor Hover Board Amazon 

Razor Hovertrax

Get ready to cruise around the skate park or neighborhood on one of the hottest tech toys. Even if you weigh up to 220 lbs., you'll glide on the pavement, turn instantly, or stop on a dime just by tilting your feet. Match your favorite footwear with one of five colors as you command up to 350 watts of peak power. The future of personal transportation is self-balancing with gyro sensor technology, so it's easier to stay upright on anti-slip rubber platforms that grip your feet. Go up to 8 MPH for up to 60 minutes of continuous use. 


Classic NES Amazon 

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Turn your first home video games into more than just memories with this retro return. Plug the box into your TV and suddenly it's the 1980s all over again. You won't have to mess with cartridges since this unit comes with 30 pre-installed favorites like Donkey Kong™, Super Mario Bros.™, The Legend of Zelda™, and PAC-MAN™. Otherwise, all the buttons and ports are just like the original. You can even rely on your favorite finger movements and strategies because the controllers are full size. 


View Master Virtual Reality Amazon

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

Consisting of a headset viewer, an Experience Pack or App, and your compatible Android or iOS smartphone, this system takes you on a virtual trip to the land of the dinosaurs, underwater, or around the world. Look all around you as you visit the Statue of Liberty or head into outer space. When you need to know what you're seeing, click on the information bubbles and get a quick pop-up description.

 PS4 Console Bundle

Play Station VR PS4 Console Bundle

This will transform your idea of what gaming is by putting you in the middle of virtual worlds that surround you with entertainment. Everything is included: console, hands-free headset, and controller, so there's nothing more to buy except the experiences you want to enjoy. If you've already got the PlayStation, then just go for the headset, which is lightweight and comfortable. You'll forget it's there as you becoming completely immersed in another reality.

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