Deep Shelf of Justice

Deep on the shelves of Amazon and Ebay are items unseen to humankind. Every week we find ourselves lost on the deep shelves of Amazon and eBay. We have to hold ourselves back from sharing every dusty oddity we find. This week we have a few things that will grow the hairs on your chest and curl your toenails. It's ourEveryDeal pleasure to bring you another great edition of Deep Shelf.


Weird Al Figurine

Weird Al Figurine

We would have never imagined in a million years that this accordion playing, curly haired Yancovich would be sitting on the deep shelves of eBay. This lifelike creature will keep you company in your loneliest times. It's the perfect gift for your spouse or loved ones.


Black Beard and Chest Hair Growth Cream (Use on beard, head and more!)

Beard Chest Hair Growth

Increase your manliness by amplifying your chest or facial hair. Your Zeus-like powers will grow stronger and more god-like by simply slathering this phenomenal growth cream on your thinning chest hair and watch those tiny man hairs grow, right before your eyes.


Found, color photo of... long toenails?

Don't be fooled by this beautiful picture of a long toenail. It could be that perfect addition to your fireplace mantle or bedside table. This warm vintage image of what could be your Aunt Sally's toenails is waiting for you on eBays Deep Shelf, for a very low price.

Long Toenails


Premium Ghost Hunting Kit + K2 Meter + EVP Recorder + Equipment Case + More

Ghost Hunting Kit

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Nobody, because you will be fully equipped by ordering your own ghostbusting equipment from the deep shelves of eBay. Find your long lost uncle Bob or hunt out Elvis to recover your blue suede shoes.

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