Easy and Affordable DIY Projects to Spruce up Your Backyard

Spring DIY

Spring is here!! Time to get outside to enjoy the sunshine and your backyard! After a long Winter, your garden and patio are probably looking a little worn-down. Luckily with the Internet and the ability to share endless DIY projects, there are hundreds of ways to spruce up your backyard without breaking the bank! Here are 10 of our favorite projects we found online that will make your neighbors jealous!

Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter
If you haven't noticed, succulents and cacti are extremely popular this season! Improve the look of your backyard with this stylish planter and stay on trend!

Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter
Source: MomSpark

Mason Jar Luminaries: Homemade Bug Repellent
The arrival of Spring brings warmer weather, blossoming flowers and unfortunately bugs. If you're a target for mosquitoes and can't stand bug spray (who can?), then look no further! Keep those pesky bugs away with these awesome DIY mason jars that act as citronella candles!
Mason Jar Luminaries: Homemade Bug Repellent
Source: Freebie Finding Mom

Garden Markers
Keep track of what you're growing with these simple garden markers that are the perfect craft for kids! 

Garden Markers
Source: Playground Parkbench

Rope-Wrapped Pots
Transform your boring pots into unique, colorful homes for your spring plants and flowers with this fun DIY project.

Roped pots
Source: House by Hoff

Golf Ball Ladybugs 
Give your garden some character with these hilariously cute golf ball ladybugs! You can even create other insects like bumble bees and caterpillars. 

Golf ball ladybugs
Source: Ideas2live4

Teacup Bird Feeders
Bring some feather friends to your garden! These teacup bird feeders are the perfect accessory to give your yard some character. 

Bird feeder 
Source: The Whoot

Fence Art
Turn your boring fence into a work of art with these 40 creative fence decoration ideas.

fence art
Source: Boredart

Repurposed Terracotta Pot Into Accent Table
Why purchase a boring and expensive side table when you can make a unique one out of a large terracotta pot?

Repurposed Terracotta Pot Into Accent Table
Source: Home Talk

Chandelier Planter
Purchase a used chandelier at a thrift store or yard sale and make this adorable planter to hang in your backyard!

Chandelier Planter
Source: DIY Show Off

Cinder Blocks Projects
Who would have thought there were so many ways to repurpose cinder blocks? Coolcreativity.com gathered up 40 DIY projects to transform your outdoor space. 

Cinder blocks
Source: Cool Creativity

Tire Ottoman 
Got a couple of old tires laying around? Repurpose them into an outdoor ottoman then sit back and relax! 

Tire Ottoman 
Source: Curbly