Essentials to Bring on Your Next Fishing Trip

Summer is here and that means so is fishing season! Grab your tackle box, head to the water and catch some fish! But make sure you stock up on the necessities before heading out! There's nothing worse than loading your boat into the water and getting out there only to find that you've forgotten something important. Luckily we're here to help you remember your fishing essentials plus offer some advice on the best types of gear!

Rod, Reels & Lines

Johnny Morris CarbonLite Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

It happens all too often. We get out on the water, hook a big one and then it happens...your rod plunges into the water, leaving you without a rod, reel, line or fish. It's the last thing you want but it is sometimes the sad truth. Face reality and come prepared with extra gear! You and your buddies will thank you. Check out Bass Pro Shops for awesome deals on rod and reel combos so you can save money and be prepared for your next adventure!


slip bobber kit

Make your time on the water a little more relaxed with a bobber. Bobbers, or as some like to call them, floaters help you know when you have a bite. Keep your eyes peeled and when your bobber sinks, you've snagged a fish! There are many makers of floaters out there but we recommend the slip bobber. It takes a little more effort to rig rather than the classic red and white ball, but because the slip adjusts up and down your line, you can make a cast as far as you like! Check out Cabela's for a wide variety of bobbers so you can find one that suits your needs.



It's been said that the biggest fish are known to lurk at the bottom of the water so get yourself some sinkers. These weights, unfortunately, tend to go missing once you reel your line back in so be prepared and bring back up! Try to avoid the traditional sinkers made out of lead as they tend to leave an environmental footprint in the water. Luckily, there are a variety of different materials on the market. Try out a sinker made of brass, tungsten, steel or bismuth. Walmart has a bunch of sinkers you can choose from at a very low cost. Check them out here!


Offshore Angler Aussie Snap Swivel

Nothing dampens the mood like a tangled line. Not only is it a pain to unravel, but it will also affect your casting distance and will make your line less strong. The perfect way to avoid this type of mess? Swivels! There are a variety of types made for specific weight and water. Try a duo lock snap for light freshwater fishing. A coast lock snap when fishing at inshore salt water. A hook snap is good for light to midweight fishing in freshwater and cross-lok snaps are better for heavy lines and strong tackle.


lure tackle kit

Sometimes a simple hook and worm just won't do the trick and that's when lures come in. There are hundreds out there and finding one specifically for your fishing conditions might be a little overwhelming. Are you in fresh or salt water? Deep or shallow water? Why not try out a variety box of lures? That way you can test the waters (pun intended) and find the best lure for your specific conditions! 

Hook Removers/Pliers

hook remover

Don't be forgetful as the fish that you just caught! Remember to add your hook removers to your tackle box so you can successfully complete your catch! Simple pliers from your toolbox will do but the job will be easier if you purchase a tool specifically designed for the task. Try Bass Pro Shops' Squeeze-Out Hook Remover. Just as it sounds, a squeeze is all it takes to remove even deep-down hooks or those with small mouths.

Hand Scale and Measuring Tape

Cabela's Digital Scale

Hopefully, you'll get lucky this summer and catch the biggest fish of your life! Be prepared and show it off to your friends with a scale and measuring tap!

Line Cutters

line cutterz

So simple, yet so important. You don't want to be stuck with a snag in your line and nothing to cut it with! A simple pocket knife or even nail clippers will work but our favorite is Line Cutterz. A ring you can wear and cut your line completely hands free! 

2 in 1 Bug Spray/Sunscreen

bug spray and sunscreen

Being out on the water and in the summer sun all day can have its consequences. Be prepared with this dual spray that protects you from pesky bugs and the scorching sun! Be smart so you can enjoy your time out on the water. 

Gone Fishin'

So what are you waiting for? Stock up on fishing gear and get out there! Summer doesn't last forever!