Geekmas For Him - A little holiday gift guide for your man geek.

The Holidays are coming, and that means that it's time to start shopping for gifts. Picking the right gift is always a challenge, but if you have a geek in your life, then you're in luck. Geeks are not complicated creatures. They pick a few things that they love, and they don't hide their love for those things. That makes shopping easy. All you have to do is make a list of their favorite franchises or hobbies and start looking for things that include as many of them as possible.

Video Gaming

The average geek gets bored easily, so most of them love games. Video games combine entertainment with technology and often with their favorite media franchises, so they have the full cross-section of geekiness. The easiest way to make a PC gamer happy is to give them a Steam gift card, but that isn't very personal, and it's often possible to do better.

You should start by giving some serious thought to older games. Retro gaming  is in style right now, and many of the classics are cheap enough that you can get a mixture of them for the same price as a newer game. Age of Empires and Starcraft are the most famous real-time strategy games, so they're a good choice for people who like to make fast strategic choices. Choose Age of Empires for history fans, or Starcraft for people who like science fiction. Gamers who like to take their time might prefer Civilization or XCOM.

New releases are also an option. Titanfall 2 is popular with action gamers, especially people who like giant robots, which includes most geeks. Gamers that love superheroes, which also includes most geeks, are falling in love with Batman. Finally, you can't go wrong with Pokemon. Most gamers have been addicted to it since they were children. Always remember to check your gamer's console to make sure it can run a game before you buy it!

Accessories are also a good choice. A geeky mouse or a high-quality keyboard may not look impressive, but real geeks know that they can do a lot to improve the gaming experience. A good headset is also a fine choice, especially for people who are tired of listening to noise coming from their geek's computer during gaming sessions.

Tabletop Gaming

If geeks are famous for anything, it's tabletop gaming. Dungeons and Dragons is the most famous one out there, but it's far from the only one, and not even the most popular. Tabletop games are a great option because your geek will probably be willing to teach you how to play, and most geeks love to share their interests with people. You should expect to spend part of the holiday gaming if you choose one of these options.

There are two categories to consider here. Many geeky games are adaptations of classics with a fresh layer of paint on them. These are good for younger geeks, or for geeks that want to play with a variety of people. Simply choose a franchise that they like, and look through the options. Trekkies will probably appreciate Star Trek Risk, while Pokemon fans might appreciate a special version of Monopoly. 

There are also games that are completely new. These are drawing a lot of people into the world of the geeks, so they're a trendy choice. There are times when you can choose these games based on theme, like in the case of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Game, but those are in the minority. Fortunately, there's a trick to make choosing easy. Sit down with your geek and watch a few episodes of Tabletop. When you finish, ask about their favorite episode, and buy whichever game was featured in it. 


Collectibles are a hit or miss category. There are some geeks that don't care about them at all, but the others tend to care a lot. If you're considering a collectible, do a little bit of snooping to see if your geek owns any others. If they do, it's a good sign that they might appreciate more. If that's the case, the easiest way to shop for collectibles is to search by fandom. Pick your geek's favorite franchise, and choose something that relates to it.

Geeks that love Star Trek will probably love the Star Trek Retro Original Series Playset. It's a recreation of one of the oldest and most iconic Star Trek toys, and many Trekkies, especially the older ones, used to dream of owning it.

Doctor Who fans would probably appreciate a set of figurines. It might also be of interest to general science fiction fans, since the Doctor is one of the most iconic characters in the genre. This set is also a limited edition, which gives it extra value to collectors of all kinds.

Fantasy geeks would probably prefer a sword. This one is a conversation piece, not a practical weapon, so you probably won't need to worry about your geek taking somebody's head off. 


You can't talk about geeks without talking about gadgets. The two go together like Kirk and Spock. Some of them are novelty items that are made to appeal to fans, but others are built to be more general. Both categories can be fertile ground for finding gifts.

Geeks who want to use the force to play with their cats are out of luck, but a laser pointer shaped like a lightsaber is the next best thing. Considering putting this one under the tree with the cat's name on it and asking your geek to help the cat open it.

Geeks who want to consolidate their devices might like the Hydra SmartBottle. A water bottle might not sound like an interesting gift, but this one can connect to a smartphone to control its features, like a radio and microphone. Nobody is going to expect to see something like this under the tree, but it has the sort of features that geeks love, so it's sure to go over well.