Five Essential Must Have Suits for Every Holiday Closet

Five Suits For the Well-Dressed Man


In today's world of changing fashion for men, there are still basic wardrobe needs. Men's suits are a classic staple in the closet. It can take as little as five suites to fulfill your needs year round for most occasions, personal or professional.

If you chose a professional management or sales career, your suits are an investment. Wearing well-fitting suits help make that first impression a positive one. Having the right suit for the occasion, shows you are a man of taste with a sense of style. Looking as if you are on top of your game can lead to career success.

Suits can be updated by the rest of the wardrobe. Interchangeable shirts, ties, and shoes can keep a classic style suit current.

Having A Fit 

No matter how much the suit costs, if it doesn't fit correctly, you will leave a negative impression. The ill-fitting suit is what will be remembered. 

If you buy a suit off the rack, purchase a suit that fits you well in the shoulders and across the chest. Make sure the jacket is a good length for your torso. Pant length and arm length can be altered easily and is not expensive.

The pants inseam should barely brush the top of the shoe. Sleeve length should just cover the wrist. Some stores offer clothing alterations on site. If not, check with your dry cleaner for a recommendation if they do not have someone in-house.

Take Good Care

Have proper suit hangers for your jacket and pants. The jacket will wear better if the shoulders are supported properly when hanging in the closet. Make sure the pants are aligned with their creases and hung over a dowel hanger instead of a wire.

Dry clean as little as possible. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are very hard on the fabrics and can shorten the life of the suit. Dry clean only when the fabric has been soiled. Wrinkles can be steamed out.

The Fabulous Five

1) The Navy Suit

This is the "all times of year" winner. The navy blue suit is the first to have in your closet. Everyone looks great in navy. A light breathable wool is an appropriate cloth for all seasons. The fineness of the wool fibers can determine the life of the suit. Look for the "super" wool tag on the inside of the jacket for the longer lasting wool fibers. The single breasted front button jacket is a classic and never goes out of style.

2) The Gray Suit
The gray suit is the next good investment. Grays come in light to dark shades. The darker the shade, the more formal the appearance. For the most flexible gray, stay mid range in shade. The mid-range shade works for the evening as well as day, office or evening outing. The gray suit lends itself well to a flannel wool fabric. The classic look is with a white shirt and black tie.

3) The Black Suit
The black suit tends to be more formal. This suit is often used for formal evening attire or somber occasions. In a pinch, it can sub for a tuxedo. Use a pleated tux shirt and bow tie. Don't forget the cummerbund. For somber situations, a white shirt and black tie round out the ensemble nicely. The fabric should be a light breathable wool for year round use.

4) The Plaid Suit
The plaid suit is for occasions where you want to feel a bit dangerous. It is the suit with personality. Plaids and checks come in bold to subtle colors and large to tiny patterns. Choose the suit that lets your personality shine. It is suggested that solid color shirts or ties go best with bolder patterns and colors. If the color or pattern is subtle, you can treat it like a solid and add shirts or ties with more design. This should be a year-round fabric unless the color combination is seasonal.

5) The Cotton Suit
Summertime fashion is the most fun and the cotton suit is no exception. This seasonal favorite is casual and light-weight. Depending on your location, it can easily be worn six to eight months of the year. Khaki is the most common summer cotton suit color. It is versatile for work or casual occasions. If you want a bit more personality, seersucker stripe or madras plaid might be your choice.

Good To Know

Men's suits also come in browns, white, and various shades of blue. Brown suits lend themselves to personal use rather than business. Khaki is usually considered as a brown color. Blues, lighter than navy, and white colors are generally considered seasonal. They are more appropriate for personal or casual occasions. 

Styles vary through the years. The two button closure on a jacket is the most classic. Three-button style looks better on a slight frame body style. The double breasted suit can carry all body sizes. It tends to suggest a more formal use in business or personal occasions. 

There is some debate as to wearing suit jackets with jeans. In order for the two pieces of the suit to wear evenly, the better choice would be to wear a sports jacket or sweater with your jeans and casual pants.

You get what you pay for is the rule of thumb in buying a suit. If the budget allows, consider your suits as a staple in your closet that is to last for a long time. Buy a quality suit that fits you well to promote confidence and success.