Marie Kondo, Decluttering and The Art Of Less Stress

Decluttering tips that will help you lead a more productive and less stressful life

A disorderly home gets very stressful in every turn you make. It would be easier if you had a systematic way of organizing items in your home. But how do you organize so much stuff? Where do you even start? Sometimes you think of this, and you end up doing nothing. What if I told you there is a way of getting your life organized. Learning from the profession might help. Marie Kondo is an acclaimed consultant who helps people transform their disorderly homes into serene and inspirational spaces. Here are a few of her tips on decluttering your home and making it less stressful.

  • Handling categories and not rooms - Most of the time when you start organizing your home, you go by room. This is where you go wrong since tackling by rooms will only frustrate you. Every room has different categories of items and organizing by room brings out different organizations. Because of this, you end up being unsatisfied or even confused. However, tackling by category can be helpful. You can start by clothes as they are the least emotional load, then you can go to books and the rest follows.


  • Completing one task at a time - The reason why you don't get anywhere is because you take on too many tasks at the same time. This makes it difficult to know which to handle and which to leave. It is best to take one simple task then complete it. Do not take a whole day to organize your home; you might end up getting frustrated or bored. Organize a category of items a few hours in a day every day. As you do this, you will realize that you are getting somewhere, and you end up getting motivated to do even more.


  • Clearing away the stuff that you no longer need - Sometimes we tend to keep stuff like clothes due to sentimental value, yet we no longer use them. Doing away with them is rewarding since you will get a little bit more space in the house that can be used for something else. Plus, you get to do good in the society if you chose to donate them.


  • Complete each task completely - It is not enough to just take a task at a time. For example, you might decide to organize your clothes and in the process sell or donate some you no longer want. You need to make sure that you have completed the task of donating or selling. Otherwise, you will be storing stuff that you don't need.


  • Regular up keeping - It is fulfilling once you have organized your space, but you do not expect it to remain perfect. If you don't manage the organization of the house, you will still find yourself in the same predicament. Form a permanent habit where you never stop organizing the house. Manage every new item that comes in the house to avoid disorderliness.


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