Save on Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest holidays to travel besides Christmas. However, airlines have the tendency to increase prices to benefit from the Holiday rush. So what can you do to save a few bucks while you travel to and from your Thanksgiving celebrations?

If you want to fly, then you need to be open minded and not fly with just one airline or at the particular time and day. Make a few adjustments to the time you travel as well as choose an airline that offers holiday promotions. Also, check the air route that the different planes take and choose the one that you will pay the least for the tickets. Try SkyScanner to find best cost saving airlines

Driving can also be a great way to spend time with the family and save money. However, you need to be cautious as you can easily spend what you save from not flying. Use mobile apps that will show you the Click gas stations gas stations to fuel at, the most affordable Click restaurants and apps that direct you using the shortest routes.

Plan and make calculations for your travels. Many companies have promotions such as frequent flyer points or discounts on flight tickets. Find online travel deals through sites like Click you can create custom travel profiles that list cost saving promo codes and coupons.

Book your tickets early. Airlines, buses, and trains have the habit of increasing their ticket prices when the demand goes high. Therefore booking early before the prices go up will help you save. You may want to travel before the Thanksgiving day when there is less travel congestion,more options and prices haven't gone up.

Packing lightly will also help you save. Oversized luggage can place an extra burden and stress on your traveling budget. Travelling can be expensive especially when traveling with family. Make a family plan discuss with everyone who you are traveling with on the best possible options. This way, you will all end up enjoying the trip and your Thanksgiving holiday as well.



 If you plan to fly for Thanksgiving this year, try and hold off until the end of October. If that's cutting things a little too close, the middle of October isn’t a bad choice.