Picking the Right Gaming Laptop

 The Right Gaming Laptop


Picking a gaming laptop is not an easy task. Any gamer can tell you that having the right equipment is going to cost a pretty penny, but it will be worth it in the end. You do have to keep in mind that these types of laptops do have their limitations, however.

Compared to regular laptops, gaming laptops produce a lot more heat because they are running the hardware at its full potential. They also have a shorter battery life because of the drain running that hardware creates. Finally, keep in mind that any gaming laptop you purchase is going to be much heavier than a normal laptop. With that in mind, let's move on to the tips and tricks you need to help you get the perfect laptop for you.


Choosing Your Graphics Card


When it comes to picking a graphics card, you first have to decide what kind of gamer you are. Are you a casual gamer, frequent gamer, or pro gamer? The type of gamer you are will determine what graphics card you need. Below is an example of each gamer type followed by a list of graphics cards recommended for each type of gamer.

Pro Gamers
If you're a pro gamer, you spend a lot of time in the digital world battling, hunting, or adventuring. Your hardware needs to be able to play the latest games out there.

Frequent Gamers
You might play every now and then, but you don't really play too many of the top games out there.

Casual Gamers
If you do have any games, they're your old favorites - like The Sims 3. You also play the occasional Facebook game, but you're not too serious about video games.

List of Graphics Cards
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI: This particular graphics card has a core speed over 1600 MHz and a memory speed of 10,000 MHz. It uses GDDR5 memory and has 2x 8192 MB of memory. This is a great card for the pro gamer.
  • NVIDIA Quadro M1000M: The core speed is just slightly under 1,000 MHz, and it has a memory speed of 5,000 MHz. Like the GeForce GTX 1080 SLI, it uses GDDR5, but it only has 2048 MB of memory. Frequent gamers will have no problems with this card.
  • Intel HD Graphics 620: Don't expect too much from this graphics card. The factory speed on this card is only 300 MHz. It can use DDR3 or DDR4 memory. Facebook games and older games will do just fine with this card.

Picking a Processor

Just like selecting a graphics card, your processor is an important component of your gaming laptop. Now that you have a graphics card in mind, you need to understand that your processor has to be compatible. If they aren't, you're going to have yourself a very expensive paperweight and not a gaming computer. There are websites you can use to ensure that everything is compatible with the other pieces of your computer, or your graphics card may even come with a list of recommended processors.

Your processor helps determine how quickly your laptop will run, and a high-end unit can cost nearly $400. Of course, as a casual gamer, you aren't going to need nearly as much speed as a pro gamer. However, you're still not going to want a cheap processor. Even those who use their computers just to browse the web and create documents check the speed of their processor before making a decision, because a slow computer can make life complicated.

Memory & Gaming

How much memory your laptop can have is actually determined by the motherboard. Higher end graphics cards will also carry their own memory. The better your motherboard is, the better RAM it will be able to use. Laptops are limited, however, on how much RAM they can have. Most gaming laptops can only carry a maximum of 16 GB.

Getting the Right Amount of Space for Your Games


If you're a hardcore gamer, you're going to feel the pain if you run out of space to download and install new games. Not to mention, you'll really be hurting if you finally beat a hard level and realize you don't have any more storage space to save your game on your hard drive. As technology continues to advance and improve, the hard drive is increasing in size. Higher end hard drives can come with as much as 5 TB, which should be more than enough for even the most hardcore gamer.

Picking a your laptop doesn't have to be difficult, but you have to know exactly what you're looking for before you start your search. All too often, gamers will go out and see something on sale and buy it on impulse only to discover that it doesn't have the graphics card, RAM, or space they require for their gaming needs.

Replacing parts in a laptop is a chore, so it's always best to choose wisely when it comes to picking your mobile gaming station. Remember that you want this piece of hardware to last, and keep in mind that having a hefty budget will make it easier for you to get the laptop you want.