Pokemon Go - Devouring Your Mobile Data

Don't let your data get devoured by the dreaded Pokemon Go monster. Parents are getting surprised by their monthly cellular bill at the end at the month. They are quickly finding out that their kids are going way over contract data. Sure their kids are more willing than ever to get outside, but at what expense? Here are some easy to use settings that will help you conserve your children's data use and continue getting them outside. According to the "Pokemon Go Database" the game has an average data use of 2mb-8mb of data per hour. They go on to saying how any more than 6 hours a day will eat into a 2gb data plan.This can easily add up within a month if you don’t take the necessary precautions.



Disable Unnecessary Data Munchers

Close down all unused apps. Go into your app settings and make sure the less important apps update on wifi only. Next, show your children how to close other apps when playing Pokemon Go. This will help limit the amount of data they use. Notifications aren't just annoying but are also a data glutton. Double check to be certain that your email and push notifications are turned to wifi only. You will be happy you did.


Use Free Networking

With free wifi almost around every corner, it’s easy to run the Pokemon app off of local networks. Many businesses use Pokemon Go as a marketing tool to bring more people to their doorstep. Many of them also offer free wifi. Take advantage of it where you can.Keep Children Accountable Talk to your children about their data limit and set boundaries. Make them accountable for their over usage. Make sure they know that money (data) doesn’t grow on trees and that as convenient a phone is, it still costs money.



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