30 Ways to Save Money and the Planet

With Earth Day this Saturday (4/22) we should take the time to reflect on ways we can help our planet. There are a ton of ways to reduce your carbon footprint and in doing so, you'll probably save some money! When you actually make the effort to reduce, reuse and recycle you will notice how easy it is to make the conscious effort and you'll never go back to your wasteful ways again! Here are 30 simple ways you can help save our planet and your money all at once!

At Home

- Avoid plastic bags or wrap to store food, use reusable, glass containers instead 
- Collect bottles and cans and return them to a depot to get money back
- Purchase reusable plastic coffee pods instead of throwing one or more out daily
- Use the classifieds to buy and sell furniture and electronics
- Save gift bags and paper to reuse
- Invest in rechargeable batteries
- Ditch the plastic water bottles
- Plant your food seeds
- Keep electronics out of the trash
- Hang your laundry to dry
- Avoid getting unwanted mail like flyers, catalogs or newsletters
- Ban single use items like plastic cups, paper towel and plastic wrap 

At Work

- Use both sides of a sheet of paper for printing and copying
- Reuse scrap paper for notes 
- Bring reusable dishware to work if your company uses disposables
- Bike or carpool to work
- Use e-mail to exchange documents printing 
- Store files electronically rather than in print 
- Unplug electronics when you aren't using them
- Consider reusable toner cartridges 

At the Grocery Store

- Bring reusable bags instead of buying those made of plastic
- If you do buy plastic bags, save and reuse them
- Buy in bulk
- Only buy as much as you can eat before it goes bad
- Avoid buying meat
- When buying from the bulk section, bring jars to fill rather than using plastic bags
- Try to purchase items that don't use a lot of packaging 
- Choose items with recyclable packaging
- If you don't need a receipt, tell the cashier ahead of time to not print one for you
- Shop local