Rise From The Dead - The Walking Dead Season Premiere


All throughout Season 6 of The Walking Dead, we kept hearing about Negan. Alexandria was in trouble. Robed in zombie guts and blood, Rick’s group finds a way out through the Walkers. That was until Sam lost it and then his mother and his brother followed suit, and the zombies claimed them as their victims. Rick’s group comes into contact with Jesus and his group and finds out that Negan is already taking things from them. Rick’s group decides on a preemptive strike on Negan’s group only to find there are a lot more of them than there are of Rick’s group. Carol runs off because she finds that she will have to repeatedly kill for those she loves, and she’s tired of killing people. However, we see that she continually does so in order to escape those who try to harm her. Morgan, who chases after Carol to bring her back home, comes into contact with people who appear to be from The Kingdom, who is led by King Ezekiel. He is said to appear in Walking Dead Season 7. Ultimately, in the midst of trying to find medical care for Maggie and her baby, Negan’s group, patiently, awaits their capture. Negan makes his debut and with one heck of a cliffhanger, we are left to guess who Negan’s victim is. 

Who Got It?
The last episode of Season 6 left us wondering who Negan killed. We saw, from left to right, all those from Rick’s group placed on their knees before Negan: Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl and Eugene. There have been a lot of theories as to who was killed. Photos taken from Walking Dead Season 7 of the Walking Dead reveal that Rick has blood on the right side of his face, so we know from this that Negan killed someone on the right of Rick. Prior to this, we see from Rick’s point of view that Negan pointed to Negan’s right when saying that if anyone moves to cut out Carl’s other eye and feed it to his dad. From this, we can clearly see that whoever the victim is, he or she was to the right of Rick. Daryl, Maggie, Rosita, Michonne, Abraham and Glenn were all sitting to Rick’s right—with Maggie being immediately right. Most theorize that the one who was killed was either Glenn, Maggie or Daryl. Surely, Rosita, Michonne and Abraham could all be “up to bat”, but it’s highly unlikely as this episode is said to have deeply disturbed The Walking Dead’s actors. 

Who Does Negan Kill?

If you remember, Daryl was previously shot in the shoulder by cheese-grater-face, AKA Dwight, after he accidentally took out Tara. We saw Daryl wearing a blanket around him while he was getting out of the van. Was it any coincidence that the actor who plays Daryl, Norman Reedus, started the Ride with Norman Reedus show? This seemed like an odd occurrence. Still, maybe he was able to shoot that while preparing and shooting for Season 7. However, when we take a sneak peek at the Walking Dead season premiere, facing the RV straight on, we can see Negan dragging Rick into the RV. The camera studies the ground in a straight line from The RV’s door back to Negan’s victim’s blood on the ground. There, we see the blanket, and if we remember correctly, Daryl was kneeling perpendicular to the RV. 


In the comics, Glenn is the one who was killed, but some are saying there could be a few surprises. After all, it was Carl, and not Carol, who told Lizzie in the comics to look at the flowers. Some of the shows have deviated from the comics, and they’d have to in order to keep our interest. However, this could be one show that does not deviate from the comics, and both Greg Nicotero and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have alluded to the fact that there is more than one death occurring in Season 7. A viewer of the last episode slowed down the shrieks and screams and swears that he heard the name “Glenn” being called out. It’s anyone’s guess. 


Some have speculated that Maggie is the one who was killed. As terrible as it already is, she is pregnant and deathly sick, so few have stated that it wouldn’t be fair to “spare” her in the last episode only to kill her off at a later time. This is assuming that she will die at a later time. Also, because of the hint at multiple “deaths” in Season 7, people theorize that since Glenn is sure to have been killed, then so does Maggie. Also, the death of one of our beloved characters is supposed to be “particularly horrifying”. It was so horrifying that the actor who plays Rick couldn’t go back to sleep after reading the script and was late to work that day. Surely, the death of an expectant mother is horrifying, indeed. In addition, it was reported that Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, has only been spotted once on the set since the last episode, and she didn’t even want to go into work that day.

Whoever it is, we have lost someone we love. The one thing that rings true over and over with The Walking Dead is that no one is safe, and we are forever being introduced to new people who capture our hearts, nearly miss death in some episodes and find their ultimate doom. We will definitely be in shock come October 23rd with The Walking Dead season premiere , but it’s unlikely the show will lose any of its viewers. 

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