A Smart Speaker Review - Google Home vs Amazon echo

Which Smart Speaker To Choose 

Both speakers feature far-field recognition technology allowing users to make voice activated requests with ease. The smart home speakers can answer questions you may have such as weather, news, sports, and more.

The Amazon's Alexa digital assistant and its competitor Google Assistant are both cloud-based artificial intelligent programs that learn and adapts the more they are used. Home seems to provide a better response to user questions with more concise information pulling from Google search engine response.

Similarities Between The Home and Echo

Both smart speakers will stream music from various music services:

Both of the devices can make your life easier by automating many things around your home. The home speakers can control such devices as:

And more!

The Design of the Smart Speakers

The design of the Home is smaller than the Echo. It has a curvy white body that comes with a standard slate base. On top of the Home are LED lights and touch controls. The LED lights are multi-colored lights that indicate the status of the Home. The lights will pulse and spin counter-clockwise in response to your command.

The Echo does not have LED indicating lights but rather a light ring on top. When the Echo is waiting on a response from you, all lights will be off. The unit processes requests by an indication of flashing blue light. An orange light spinning shows that the Echo is connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Google Home base comes in several different colors such as carbon, copper, snow, mango, marine, violet and slate. The Echo is slightly larger than the Home available in two colors black or white.

How difficult is it to set up?

Both devices are quite easy to get set up and running. Just plug into an outlet, connect to the internet, download the app for the device and connect.

What Can The Home Do That The Amazon Echo Can't

The Home outshines the Echo in many ways. Google Home is integrated with Google connected home products. Users can listen to YouTube or Google Play Music along with the ability to receive personalized information from your calendar, alarms, timers and flight information.

Google Home Is an elegant design that is less intrusive and dominant as the Echo.

The unit uses Chromecast as the audio receiver for Google speaker search. When paired the unit displays images, videos, and audio directly on any television screen connected via Chromcast.

Another distinctive feature found on the Home are the touch controls. You can monitor the volume of the sound with a touch of the button. The Home features the following touch controls: play/pause, change volume, start request as well as turn mic off.

The Home can also send information to multiple mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The connectivity allows the user to exchange information with multiple devices.

What Can The Echo Do That The Home Can't?

The Echo lacks a few of the touch controls that the Home has, but it does have a remote to monitor the volume and playback. The remote is sold separately as an accessory.

For those who are book lovers, the Echo can read your Kindle books. This feature is a perk but does not take the place of an audio book. Shopping on Amazon is fast and straightforward on the Echo by use of vocal control. This feature is exclusive to Prime members and available only on select merchandise.

The Echo uses third party developer programs and skills that are much like mobile apps. The skills available range from:

And More!

Specifications of Google Home


5.62” height
1.05 lbs weight
3.79” diameter
70.8” power cable
Body white, standard base in slate. Optional base colors available




802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4Ghz/5 Ghz)


2' driver and dual 2” passive radiators

16.5 V, 2A included

Power Adapter:

100-240V – 1.1 A - 50-60Hz


Micro USB Port
DC Power Jack

Compatible Operating Systems:

Android 4.1 and higher
IOS 8.0 and higher

Specifications of Amazon Echo


3.3” width
3,3” depth
9.3” height
2.3 lbs weight


Dual Antenna, Dual Band, supports 802.11 a/b/g/n


Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. The hands-free voice is not compatible with Mac Os devices.


2” Tweeter and 2.5” Woofer

Amazon Echo Requirements:

Fire OS

What Speaker is Searched The Most According to Google