12 Top Educational Gifts of Christmas


From a very early age, kids begin learning. They also like to play. Many of today’s toys keep the fun in play, while also helping children develop cognitive and emotional skills, almost from the time they are born. And, today’s learners are soaking up lessons in more digital, hands-on environments than kids of the past. Following are a few kid-tested educational toys that will aid in the overall development of young children, from birth to elementary school. 

VTech Touch and Teach Word Book

We’ve long known that it’s best to begin reading to babies almost as soon as they’ve left the womb, but the VTech Touch and Teach Word Book not only develops an early interest in reading, the book offers sensory teaching tools that will help a very young child more quickly learn the sound of words through music and touch play. The book teaches more than 100 words and helps expand vocabulary. 

VTech Count and Learn Turtle

Light-up numbers help toddlers identify their numerals, and the turtle will speak the numbers out loud for your child to repeat. As they progress, there are simple addition problems for the child to solve, exposing them early to math concepts. As an added bonus, you can switch to Spanish mode, subjecting children to simple, but memorable words in a second language at an early age.

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

Parents may cringe at the idea of getting their child a drum set, but this set offers more educational opportunities that wooden sticks being beaten repeatedly on a headache-inducing cymbal. Each of three drum pads (and yes, there is a cymbal) offers different sounds for sensory development, and toddlers are exposed to several musical genres. They’ll be able to play along to songs, as well as follow letters and numbers to create their own beat.

tasty science kit Amazon

Tasty Science Kit

Recommended for ages 6-11 years, this hands-on chemistry set lets kids complete their own culinary science lab. The ingredients include recipe and activity cards that will help a child understand how a cake rises and make their own candy. Not only will they be learning science concepts, they’ll get to eat – and share – their creations.


The Moodsters Feelings Flashlight

Schools today begin character education early, encouraging kids to understand their emotional intelligence as well as their intellectual intelligence. In an age where bullying is of grave concern, this flashlight helps kids learn to face their fears and feelings. 

4M 3-Dimensional Glow-In-The-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit

We’ve long been fascinated by space and its mysteries. People of all ages gaze and the stars and wonder, “Is there life out there?” Much research is currently taking place to help us gain a better understanding of what the galaxy offers, and this mobile kit will stimulate a child’s interest as they assemble, paint and hang their own glow-in-the-dark solar system. 



Magnetic World Map


Janod Magnetic World Map

Kids have long spun a globe or studies a map on a wall to learn geography, but this map is much more interactive. Wooden pieces slot together like a large, colorful jigsaw puzzles, and photos of animals and historical landmarks help kids visually see and learn more about the world in which they live. 

Rosie Flo’s Art Gallery

Help your child explore their artistic side with this mini art gallery, which they create. (It even includes a gift shop.) Children will learn about the masters, and color their own versions of historical paintings. 

Real Construction Deluxe Workshop

Kids love to construct and build things, and they take pride in their work. This construction kit allows kids to learn about actual construction, with pieces that feel like real wood but that are actually more durable. The kit comes with everything a child needs to work on projects, including a project book full of ideas and instructions. It also comes with nails, a hammer, rip saw and more. 

Watch It Grow Window Greenhouse

Toddlers might not be the best at gardening, but this window kit gives them an easy and up-close view of how things grow. All you need is a window with ample sunlight, a wet paper towel and the seeds that come with each kit, and your child will be able to see the seeds sprout.

LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven

Youngsters enjoy helping in the kitchen, but this kid-friendly oven has some valuable life skills and math lessons to teach. Kids will learn how long some of their favorite, kid-friendly dishes take to cook, including teachings on temperature They’ll also gain an understanding of how to mathematically divide what they prepare evenly on to plates for equal sharing.

Smart Anatomy Interactive Human Body

Medical practitioners likely wish there was a toy like this on the market when they were young. This interactive, hands-on, child-appropriate replace of the human body lets kids use a touch pen to explore up to 16 detachable body parts to learn more about its function in the human body. A great tool for early anatomy lessons. 

There are a wide variety of toys today that will pique your child’s interests. Best of all, they are exploring, learning and soaking up critical thinking and behavioral skills, all while having fun. 

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