The State of Valentines Day

What American States Celebrate Valentines More Than Others

Many Americans claim Valentines Day is a holiday created by greeting card companies to make money, but it must be working. As of 2014, the United States spent an incredible $18.6 billion on candy, cards, romantic vacations, and fancy dinners. So, who is spending all that money — men or women? Are they spending it on their sweethearts or other important people in their lives? And where do these big spenders live? Let's take a look.

Men Vs. Women

When it comes to gender, men are far more likely to spend Valentines cash than women. As a matter of fact, men spend nearly twice what women do on the holiday ($175.61 vs. $88.78). Romantic dinners account for over half of all money spent on February 14th, while candy comes in a distant second at $2.89 billion. Vacations, flowers, jewelry, lingerie, and greeting cards are the next most-purchased items respectively.

Sweethearts, Friends, and...Pets?

But for many people the holiday is not just about buying for their husbands and wives and girlfriends and boyfriends. Millions are spent each year on family members, teachers, co-workers, and best friends. And get this: Around 4 percent of all cash spent on the holiday goes to consumers' furriest family members. That's $367 million dollars total. Yes, Americans love to buy Valentines Day gifts for Fido. So, if you find yourself single on the big day, don't worry. You may receive a little token of love anyway.

States that Love the Most

If you aren't happy just spending your hard-earned dollars on a steak dinner for your dog, you may want to relocate. As it turns out, residents of some states are far more romantic than others. Take a look at five that are making the rest look bad:

1. Kansas - They don't call it the HEART-land for nothing. The average Kansas resident spends a whopping $117 on Valentines gifts, more than any other state, according to

2. Nevada — What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, especially when it comes to Valentines. Residents of Las Vegas and the rest of the great state of Nevada spend an average of $112 on the holiday each year.

3. Idaho — You might think a state like California or New York would be next. Maybe even Texas. After all, everything is bigger there, or so they say. But as it turns out, Idaho residents are really the big spenders when it comes to the day of love. At $111, they nearly tie with Nevada.

4. North Dakota — Ladies, if you are looking for love, you may want to head to North Dakota. The male population is much larger than the female population, and at an average of $108 per year, they tend to be big Valentines spenders. Plus, it gets pretty cold up there, so after your romantic dinner, you can come home and snuggle up by a romantic fire.

5. Hawaii - The beautiful state of Hawaii rounds out the top five, and this one may be the least surprising, considering it's a top romantic getaway destination. People there spend about $102 each year. That's a small price to pay for white sandy beaches, beautiful views, and warm tropical air.

States that Love the Least

While the men and women in those states seem pretty generous, there is no comparison when it comes to some of the others. We are looking at you, New Hampshire.

1. New Hampshire - The average New Hampshire resident spends just $31 on Valentines Day, according to the same survey. That's not even enough to buy two meals at most nice restaurants. Maybe they are big fans of greeting cards?

2. South Dakota — North Dakota may be one of the most generous states when it comes to that romantic holiday, but South Dakota is the exact opposite. Folks there spend about $36. Keep that in mind if you are ever torn between which Dakota to call home.

3. Wyoming - Wyoming residents are also pretty thrifty when it comes to Valentines and only spend about $36 as well. Seeing as how it is also the least populated state, that kind of makes sense, though. Maybe there just aren't enough people to send flowers to.

4. Vermont — It sits just next door to New Hampshire, but its residents spend a little more. The average Valentines in Vermont seems to cost around $36. As a matter of fact, the entire New England area appears to spend less on the holiday than states in other regions. Maybe they are saving up for the 4th of July?

 At $36, Kentucky tied with South Dakota, Wyoming, and Vermont. Perhaps it has something to do with how long people in these states have been married? The survey also found that within the first five years, people spent much more on their significant others than they do when they are further along in their relationships.

So, if you are hoping for a Valentines gift this year, you may want to move to Kansas and avoid New Hampshire. If you want to buy someone a gift but don't have a special someone in your life, all hope is not lost. You can always get a dog.



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