The Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2017

Wedding season is upon us and the trends of 2017 are making us drool on our keyboards. With inspiration in every corner of the internet, brides, grooms and wedding planners are taking these innovative ideas and amplifying them! The results are absolutely stunning. From fairytale receptions, cakes that are so beautiful they look fake and brides that are drop dead gorgeous, here are some of our favorite trends of the season!

All White Everything

white wedding

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Keep it elegant with a theme of pure white. Perfect for the summer and an outdoor wedding, this trend will make your wedding look extremely high class and sophisticated.



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Young adults have fallen in love with gardening and plants - more specifically succulents. Not only do they bring life to your wedding, but you can put them on each guest's plate and use them as your wedding favor! Special hint: make it ever cuter and attach a tag that says Let Love Grow. 

A Twist on the Traditional Cake


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Who said you need a traditional cake at your wedding? Instead, why not go for cupcakes! They are perfect for being individually unique. Not only can you have a variety of flavors but you can also cater to individual needs and have the option of gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and more!   

Rustic Chic 

rustic wedding

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Looking for more of a relaxed, country vibe? Have your reception in a barn, string a ton of white Christmas lights and complement it all with wooden accessories! It's the perfect look for a chic but natural wedding. 

Epic Backdrops


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You know you're going to be the star of the show and you'll want your ceremony to be picture perfect, so why not go for a beautiful backdrop to make your first kiss extra special! There are a ton of ideas online that will spark some inspiration!

Sparkling Send Off


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Speaking of sparks, why not add some twinkle to the party with sparklers?! Not only are they perfect for the whole family, you can also add a personalized touch with matchbooks so your guests can light the sparklers and take then home at the end of the night!

Polaroid Photos


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Say goodbye to the boring old guest book and hello to Polaroids! Great for your guests to have a little fun upon entrance and also a thoughtful memory for you to cherish!

Gold Accents


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Add some glamor to your special day with golden accents. The great thing about this metal is that it matches with almost any color, making it extremely versatile. Plus you can easily add the DIY strategy and spray paint accessories gold to keep your cost down. 

Marble Cakes


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We are completely obsessed with marble cakes! Making your main dessert look like it stepped out of the 4th century! Your guests will be in awe of this masterpiece!

Botanical Bliss

botanical wedding

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Get inspired by nature and give the botanical theme a try. Lush bouquets of ferns and vines are asking to be a partt of your summer wedding! Try a living wall or hanging planters to get the full effect!

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