Top 5 Wellness Cook Books for 2017

 At the end of the year, many of us celebrate with friends and reflect upon our achievements and mistakes. This is also the time when many of us decide to commit to living healthier lifestyles and getting in shape.

However, many of us fall short of our goals within the first month. Thankfully, there are several new cookbooks available that make sticking to your resolutions simple and easy. Below we will review the top five wellness cookbooks for a healthy 2017.

Plant Power Way Amazon

The Plant Power Way

The Plantpower Way offers a unique perspective pertaining to how to live a plant-based lifestyle. This book was created by the renowned long-distance runner Rich Roll and his chef wife, Julie Piatt. This book focuses on using whole foods in all its recipes. This book is perfect for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

One of the unique elements of The Plantpower Way is how it approaches living a healthy lifestyle. It is the first step in educating yourself in ways to incorporate whole foods into your regular diet and offers ways to help make this change for your whole family.

It has over 120 recipes that offer great meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The book is also loaded with beautiful full-color photographs that will provide the inspiration you need to make your lifestyle change a success. 

Avery 9781583335871

Superfood Kitchen Amazon

Superfood Kitchen

Superfood Kitchen is another top choice for making your resolutions a success. The book focuses on providing recipes that are comprised of some of the most nutrient-dense foods available. Some great recipes examples included in this book are goldenberry pancakes and quinoa spaghetti with cashew cream sauce & chard.

This book is an excellent choice for jumpstarting your resolutions. It is full of photographs that are sure to make your mouth water over these delicious concoctions. The recipes include foods that help to ensure your diet will not fall short on any vital micronutrients. 

Overall, if you are searching for a book that will make a plant-based diet something to look forward to, then this is the perfect book for you. It has a broad range of recipes that are designed to accommodate even the pickiest palettes. 


Sterling Epicure 9781454903529
Hemsley and Hemsley Amazon

Hemsley and Hemsley Good and Simple

This pick is unique in its approach. It offers a broad range of recipes that are designed to be easy to prepare. Most importantly, they are made to be sustainable. This makes it the perfect pick for making lifestyle changes that are significant and manageable.

This book is filled with tons of recipes that are designed for a broad range of diet types. It even includes some vegetarian and vegan options. Another positive element of this book is that many of the ingredients used are readily available in your local grocer.

Good and Simple is a great book that promotes healthy eating in a manageable way. As such, it is an excellent pick for starting the New Year off on the right foot with its minimalistic meal planning approach.


Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony 9781101905500


Gweneth Paltrow It's all Easy  Amazon


Gwyneth Paltrow: It’s All Easy

Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest book offers a unique selection of recipes that are packed with nutrient dense ingredients. This book shines in offering concoctions that you would never dream of on your own. Many of the recipes focus on making your own sauces from scratch allowing you to see just what goes into each and every dish.

This book makes incorporating whole foods into your diet easy. Grocery shopping will require a little more planning, but the end result is entirely worth the extra effort. Another nice thing about this book is that it doesn’t bar a single food group. 

Many recipes call for things like butter, flour, and sugar. These are typically off limits with many other books. However, this one focuses on using these ingredients in an appropriate manner to create dishes that are elegant yet nutritional. This approach makes making positive changes to your wellness simple and easy.


Grand Central Publishing 9781455541928
Whole Bowls by Allison Day amazon


Whole Bowls by Allison Day

Whole Bowls is the perfect book for those wanting to switch to a plant-based diet. It is jam-packed with recipes that are perfect for both vegetarians and vegans. Also, the recipes are gluten free making this a great choice for those who suffer from Celiac disease.

This book is filled with over 50 recipes that will leave you drooling over the lustrous photos. Another great thing about this book is that it teaches you how to create your own unique concoctions using the “Whole Bowls Formula”.

Teaching readers how to create meals with whole foods for themselves is key to success. This is one of the main areas where Whole Bowls shines most compared to other books. Whole Bowls is yet another book that teaches you how to incorporate whole foods into your daily eating routine.


Skyhorse 9781634508568


A Healthy 2017

Making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle is your first step in the right direction. The key to success is making changes that are manageable for long-term. This includes eating a variety of foods that are in season for optimum nutrition and quality.

This is where cookbooks like the ones above make excellent choices. They deliver recipes that will prevent you from getting stuck in a dieting rut. Remember, variety is the spice of life and these books provide perfect examples of the delicacies you need to make your resolution a success in 2017.