Where to Catch Live Streaming of The 2016 American Election

Seven Live Streaming Events to Watch The 2016 American Election
The American election day is fast approaching, which means many folks will have their eyes glued to their devices to see who is declared the winner. It has been a heated battle between the democratic former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump, the republican nominee. There is a lot at stake this election season and many citizens are eager to see the direction our country will be headed in for the next four years.

This year, election coverage will be available more widely than ever. More and more people are opting out of traditional television and cable services and instead, turning toward the Internet. According to a Google-commissioned survey conducted last month, 86% of millennial voters, aged 18 to 34, said they were more likely to use online sources than TV for their election coverage. Media companies and news outlets are adapting to the new digital age and changing public perception by offering more content suited for Internet platforms.

Most of the election night coverage begins at 7 pm on November 8th and will end when the next president of the United States has been declared. Here are seven YouTube channels where you can catch live streaming coverage of the election results. 

1. Election night coverage on PBS begins at 8pm. Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill will anchor with John Yang at the Clinton headquarters and Jeffrey Brown with Trump. Their list of analysts includes veteran broadcaster Jeff Greenfield, Amy Walter from the Cook Political Report, David Brooks of The New York Times, former Obama pollster Cornell Belcher, and Mitt Romney's former campaign chief Stuart Stevens.

2. Tune into NBC News for a more straight forward and classical newscast. All day long they will be discussing things like voter turnout, exit polls, stories from polling places, and concerns about voter fraud and voter suppression. The first results will start rolling in at around 7 pm.

3. After the overwhelming success of their presidential debate coverage, Bloomberg News will continue with their detailed reporting on election night. Join the live stream for exclusive interviews, breaking news, and unique analysis.

4. Telemundo will offer breaking news and nationwide election results in real time for Spanish speaking citizens. This is the only YouTube channel that will stream in Spanish on election night.

5. On election night, MTV News will be presenting live coverage geared specifically toward a younger audience. Tune in for live election updates, video diaries from first-time voters, surprise performances, and puppies! MTV's Campus
Ambassadors will be reporting all night along with Ana Marie Cox at the Trump headquarters and Jamil Smith at the Clinton headquarters.

6. The Young Turks will also provide coverage for a mainly millennial audience. They will provide extensive coverage of the election results from a progressive/left wing perspective. The live stream will begin at 1 pm on the 8th.

7. YouTube is teaming up with Complex to host an election night event at their YouTube Space in New York. They promise to present an alternative to traditional election coverage, focusing on the issues voters, particularly young voters, care most about.

You can also find coverage of the American election live streaming in other corners of the Internet. Buzzfeed has joined forces with Twitter to offer live election night coverage on election.twitter.com as well as the Twitter app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox One. Buzzfeed News reporters will be on hand to analyze the incoming results from their New York City office.

You can also catch coverage live streaming on Facebook. News outlets like CNN, ABC News, The New York Times, Washington Post, AJ+, Univision, Vox, PBS NewsHour, Now This, and the Daily Caller will all be offering election night coverage. There is an option for everyone's tastes. Those who are looking for traditional news coverage should check out CNN, ABC, or the New York Times. Trump fans should head straight to the Daily Caller while Clinton fans will want to check out Vox. Even those with a sense of humor have their own channel; Now This' election coverage will be hosted by comedian Jordan Carlos. Coverage begins as early as 9 am (CNN) and continues as late as 2 am (PBS NewsHour).

Many of the major news stations will also live stream their coverage on their own websites and mobile apps. CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC will all be streaming their news coverage online. No cable log-in is necessary to join these live streams. Some local news stations have even opted in on the streaming trend. Check your local news station to see if they will be providing coverage. 
No matter what your preference, there are plenty of options to receive your 2016 election coverage- and don't forget to get out and vote this November 8th!