Your Guide to Discounts



With weekly sales, online discounts and in-store coupons, companies are constantly offering ways to help you save money. If you're lucky enough to fall into a category of people that receive specialty discounts you may be surprised to know how many deals are available to you! 

Teachers, students, military members, and seniors can enjoy specialty discounts at a variety of retail stores. We've made it our mission to track down these deals and create your go-to discounts guide so you never miss out! Check them out below and start saving!

Teacher Discount Guide

If any profession should receive store discounts it is that of a teacher. The amount of personal time and money these hard workers spend on their students and classroom deserves to be recognized. From bookstores to craft supplies many retailers offer awesome savings for teachers.

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Military Discount Guide

Military men and women deserve all of the recognition they can get. More often than not, retailers are acknowledging those who serve and would like to thank them by offering deals and discounts.

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Student Discount Guide

As a student, you can sometimes find yourself pinching pennies. Retailers understand that going to school can be hard on your bank account. As a result, students can save on a variety of products and services such as clothing, laptops, and ever your cell phone bill!

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Senior Discount Guide

One of the perks of getting older is that you start receiving awesome deals and discounts through various stores and service providers. Here are dozens of them plus a list of resources to help you manage your money.

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