Barbecue Shopping Guide

Barbecues are a backyard staple in American homes. Not only do they cook your favorite foods to perfection, they are also a great excuse to get friends and family together! The only downfall to a barbecue is that they require quite a bit of routine maintenance and care. Whether you are a barbecue pro or a beginner, when buying a grill, you'll need to find one that fits both your budget and cooking style. In this article, we will offer you the ultimate BBQ Shopping Guide so you can learn about the different types of grills in order to choose the perfect model for you and your backyard needs.

What Type of Barbecue is Right for Me?

Before you go ahead and purchase a BBQ for your home, you have to first consider a few factors that go into buying the right one for you. These factors include:
- Price
- Size
- Fuel type
- Maximum heat temperatures
- Style

Types of BBQs

The variety of barbecue grills available can be a bit overwhelming. To help make your decision a bit easier we've summarized the types of grills out there and their main features. 

Natural/Propane Gas Grills

propane bbq

- Burns clean and require less cleanup
- Fueled with a simple removable tank or gas line
- Easy to ignite and reaches desired cooking temperatures fast
- Highest heat outputs include 15,000 BTUs per pound of natural gas or 22,000 BTUs per pound of propane gas
- 20-pounds of propane can last for up to nine hours
- Added lava rocks or charcoal briquettes can be used to increase flavor similar to charcoal BBQs

Charcoal Grills

charcoal grill

- The main source of fuel is either briquette or lump charcoal
- Known as one of the most authentic forms of grilling due to its natural smoky flavors
- Ceramic types of charcoal grills offer longer burn time and more efficient grilling
- Can either cook in low or hot heats
- One pound of charcoal can burn up to 12 hours

Electric Grills

electric grill

- Smaller and more compact type of grill
- Creates no open flames
- Better for smaller spaces such as an apartment building
- Reaches desired cooking temperatures quicker than other grills
- Does not produce smoke or fumes that can be hazardous

Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchen

- Very low maintenance and offers more durable build quality
- Fully customizable setups
- Increases kitchen space for meal prep and eating
- Alternative to indoor cooking/eating
- Can greatly increase the price of a home

Grilling Essentials

Grilling Accessories. Before you start cooking, make sure you have plenty of tools to get the job done such as forks, spatulas, grill brushes, and tongs.
Rotisserie Spit: A spit makes sure that the temperature is even across the entirety of your food.
Meat Thermometer. A meat thermometer determines whether or not your meal is cooked to the proper temperature. It is the difference of cutting open a raw steak or one cooked to perfection.
Barbecue Cover. Barbecue covers help protect your grill from snow, ice, sun, and rain. Not only will using a cover help your grill last longer, but it also minimizes maintenance and cleaning costs.
Cleaning Tools. Removing grime from your grill is an important task to be completed every time you’re finished with your barbecue. The main “toolkit” you can use to clean includes a grid cleaner, wipes, and brushes.

Top BBQ Brands
char broil logo

Char-Broil is a high selling brand that you can purchase from a number of retailers. They sell all types of grills, including a unique hybrid charcoal and gas grill. Their grills are easy to operate, aesthetically pleasing, and include innovative features.

coleman logo

Coleman is known for their exceptional camping gear, so it is no surprise that they also sell a range of grills. Users of Coleman BBQs found them to be highly durable, easy to use, and nice to look at. They are ranked highly in terms of grilling performance.

Napoleon specializes in high-end grills that are made of stylish stainless steel. Though they are typically more expensive, they are beautifully designed, long-lasting, and easy to operate and clean.

weber logo

Weber is one of the most popular barbecue brands. They offer an assortment of grills, from budget to high-end models. They are sold in a wide range of stores, which is why they are so popular. These grills are durable, visually appealing, easy to operate and clean, and provide an excellent overall grilling experience.

broil king
Broil King sells everything from portable grills to professional barbecues. Their models tend to fall into the higher end class. Users are usually very pleased with their Broil King BBQs all around.

Online BBQ Shopping Guide


The place to go for all of your barbecue needs. This should be your first stop when looking for a new grill.

- Huge selection of top brands
- 45-day return policy

- Must pay for shipping if you spend less than $250


Walmart is known for their low prices, even on their grills. They sell products from most of the top brands on the market today.

- Low prices
- Free two-day shipping

- Small selection of grill brands


Target is another great department store website that offers a variety of grills and accessories. Their website offers a wider selection than most of their stores.

- Intuitive website
- Low prices

- Not a huge selection of grills

Home Depot

Home Depot sells everything you may need to turn your backyard into the ultimate grilling zone. Plus, they also offer helpful videos and tips on their website.

- On-site comparison for easy decision making
- Free shipping or in-store pickup


Sears is a great place to shop for grills and any accessories you may need. Their products are frequently on sale, too.

- Great sale prices
- Free delivery on some products

- Cannot return an item without a receipt

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware’s website offers a range of different types of grills and BBQs. Their site is well organized and their products are competitively priced.

- Competitive prices
- Free in-store pickup available

- 30-day return policy


Amazon is a great website that sells everything, including BBQs and accessories. Their prices are competitive and they sell a range of different models.

- Free two-day shipping for Prime members
- Large seller network from around the world

- Only have a short period of time for returns



eBay is another great website that allows you to buy anything from a variety of sellers around the world. Since some items have been previously used, quality, price, and models vary.

- Variety of grills at low prices

- Shipping can be expensive
- Return policy is up to the seller

Well, there you have it, your very own guide to barbecues! Don't forget to check out our Food & Gourmet, Yard & Garden, and Appliances categories regularly for great deals on barbecues, acessories and more!