AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless Plans and Features

  • Mobile Share Advantage plans are designed for families. They offer unlimited calling and texting within the United States.
  • Mobile Share Data plans provide Internet-only communications for people who use portable computing devices and don't need voice service.
  • Wireless Home Phone is an affordable voice-only service that enables customers to make cellular calls on landline phone equipment.
  • GoPhone prepaid plans let you control monthly costs and avoid lengthy contracts. They include unlimited international texting.

Data-Only Device Plans

You can sign up for data-only service if you own a notebook computer, tablet, netbook or mobile hot spot. This option isn't available for smartphones. It lets you access the Internet via the company's cellular network and Wi-Fi hot spots. This provider waives roaming fees in Mexico if you pay for at least 15 gigabytes of data. To learn more, browse AT&T's website today.

Bring Your Own Phone

If you already own an unlocked cell phone, this company can supply you with significant discounts. It only offers these price reductions to BYOP customers and people who purchase new smartphones. Check the AT&T Wireless website for the latest promotions.

Military and Veterans' Discount

If you have served in the military, this provider will reward you with special pricing. You can save 15% on service fees or pay $100 less for a new phone. Be sure to visit the company website for current deals.


Mobile Share Advantage Plans

When an entire household shares one data cap with a family plan, no overage penalties apply. Data limits range from 1 to 100 gigabytes. Plans with over 10 GB include unlimited texting and calls throughout North America. See this provider's website for up-to-date pricing.

AT&T Wireless Phone and Devices

This company offers a range of portable communication products:

  • AT&T sells various mobile devices from Apple, one of the top American hardware and software companies.
  • You can obtain new or refurbished iPhones from this provider. These high-end smartphones use the iOS operating system.
  • It also sells the iPad, a popular tablet computer from Apple.
  • Some devices feature the Android operating system. Google's mobile OS originated from Linux.
  • You can buy sophisticated Samsung smartphones from AT&T. This major electronics manufacturer has headquarters in South Korea.
  • Another option is LG, a Korean appliance and electronics company.
  • This provider carries smartphones from HTC. The Taiwanese manufacturer produces both Android and Windows phones.
  • Some subscribers prefer BlackBerry, a smartphone brand that uses the Android operating system.
  • Windows phones are available as well. They use the mobile version of Microsoft's famous OS.

Certified Like-New Phones

You can order refurbished cell phones at low prices. They range from basic flip phones to full-featured smartphones. Brands include Kyocera, NEC and Apple. To peruse the current selection, take a look at AT&T's website.

Prepaid AT&T GoPhone

If you buy $45 worth of prepaid service, this company will give you a low-end refurbished cell phone for free. You can also receive a $45 discount on a more costly device. Please browse the prepaid phone section for the latest options.

Better Than Free Phone

This provider offers several ways to acquire mobile devices at no cost. It includes free tablets with some two-year contracts, and prepaid services come with complimentary basic phones. Visit the Better Than Free page for details.

How to Redeem a Coupon Code

Our coupons can help you save money on AT&T devices, accessories and services. To use them, you'll need to select the desired items and start the checkout process. Enter your contact and payment information. Next, find the field labeled "promotional code." Type in the code and click "apply."

Shopping Tips

1. A group of friends or roommates can cut expenses by signing up for a single shared wireless plan.

2. Before you subscribe, find out if your employer provides workers with a discount on AT&T services.

3. Most AT&T Wireless plans and features cost less when customers set up automatic payments.

History of AT&T

Several years after he invented the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell created the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Phone service evolved quickly, enabling people to make nationwide calls by 1915. Calls to Europe became possible only 12 years later.

The company owned Western Electric, a manufacturer that produced all telephone equipment until 1968. Government regulators forced AT&T to let other firms sell compatible phones. This helped spur the development of fax machines, modems and automatic answering systems.

Until 1982, AT&T monopolized the telephone service industry. The government heavily regulated phone systems and worked to ensure that rural citizens gained access. Officials eventually divided the company into several smaller firms.

McCaw Cellular Communications was established in 1987. A year after AT&T shut down its archaic telegraph system, the telecom giant bought a large stake in McCaw. The two corporations merged in 1994 and established AT&T Wireless.

Over two decades after the merger, this company remains a top cellular provider. You can pay substantially less for its products and cell phone plans when you use our valuable coupons. Remember to visit before purchasing any devices, accessories or services.

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