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How To Save More Money At Barnes And Noble

Books are a great joy for the reader. They bring us into worlds that we might never have been able to imagine on our own. They are also a great escape from a sometimes hectic life. If these words sound soothing to you, then you are probably already a fan and customer of Barnes and Noble. It is one of the largest booksellers in the country. We want to take a look at some ways that you can save money at this wonderful place.


Become A Member

Saving money at Barnes and Noble actually involves spending money on the front end. If this sounds strange, just hold your judgement for a moment. There is a reason to agree to their $25 per year fee. This grants you membership to Barnes and Noble. With that membership, you get an amazing forty percent discount on all hardback books. You can do the math for yourself, but it means that if you purchase approximately two hardback books from Barnes and Noble per year, the membership will pay for itself. Additionally, you can save ten percent on virtually everything else in the store with your membership.

Return Policy

It is difficult to deny that the return policy at Barnes and Noble is among the most strict of any of the companies that we have looked at in a while. That is to say that they do not mess around when it comes to how quickly you must get your materials back to them for a full refund. They only allow for two weeks to pass before you return materials for a full refund. Those materials also must be undamaged and presentable. This is basically to prevent people from using Barnes and Noble as nothing more than a library.

Getting Something Shipped

If you are like many other Internet users, you probably want to purchase at least some of your Barnes and Noble materials via the Internet. There are no problems with doing this, but you might have to pay some shipping costs for the trouble. A lot of this depends on if you are a member or not of course. It also varies by item. Some of the heavier items such as hardback cover books you are going to have to pay some shipping costs on. However, you can avoid those charges when it comes to some other items. Review the costs on any particular purchase.