Cabela's is a sporting goods and outdoor store that sells everything from hunting, fishing and camping gear to everyday clothes. It is a chain store with locations spread across the United States. The stores are known for their indoor wildlife taxidermic displays. Merchandise is also available online, and the store offers frequent sales and coupons.


How to Save at Cabela's

Cabela's E-mail Program

 One of the best ways to get in on Cabela's hottest deals is to sign up for their email program. Their emails include outdoor-related news, tips, new merchandise, in-store sales and exclusive deals that only email members receive.

Cabela's Club Rewards card 

Another way to save money and earn free rewards is to sign up for the Cabela's Club Rewards card. There is a light credit check required for the club card, which is good for in-store purchases. Approved members earn a small cash-back reward for every purchase as well as points. The points can be redeemed for free merchandise. In addition to regular savings, new members usually receive a free credit of $25 or more toward their first card purchase.

Cabela's Coupons

Cabela's also features frequent coupon offers for online shoppers. When visiting the main Cabela's site, look at the top of the page. There are usually two or more promo offers with codes. Also, coupon sites collect other codes that may not be advertised on the main site. Click on the "Save Now" feature to see a list of other deals. When visiting the site, check out the Bargain Cave. In physical stores and online, the Bargain Cave is the place to go for rock-bottom prices, clearance items and end-of-season blowouts. You can find some phenomenal prices on seasonal items.

Cabela's Black Friday Sale

If you want to buy all of your gear for next season in advance, you can save big by shopping ahead of time to avoid paying full price at the beginning of the same season next year. Also, check the site for special sales on holidays. Black Friday is one of the best days of the year for deals. All other major holidays usually come with some great discounts that are related to the holiday. For example, grills and camping equipment are usually on sale for the Fourth of July. Snow boots, coveralls, fire pits and fireplace accessories are commonly on sale around Thanksgiving.

How To Use Cabela's Promo Codes

If you find promo codes on the company's site, you can rest assured that they are current and will work during checkout. Write down or copy the code that you plan to use. Most of them include a word that is easy to remember. When you get to checkout, there will be a box that asks you for a promo code.

Type the code in the box. If there is a mixture of numbers and letters, be sure to use the correct capitalization. When you find Cabela's promo codes from online sites, the next step is to verify them. Coupon codes may not be taken down from third-party sites right away, and it is hard to know this if there is no expiration date specified with them. Visit the Cabela's site. If you will not be buying anything without the guarantee of the coupon and do not want to spend time browsing, pick any item to add to your cart. You can remove it later if the coupon code works. Click on the checkout option without following through to the financial information page. Enter the coupon code in the promo box. If it does not work, you can look for a new code to enter. You can only use one code per transaction. In some cases, it may save you more money to make two separate transactions if two coupons are for different types of items. To use in-store promo codes, simply print the code or show it on your phone when you are at the register.


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History Of Cabela's

The Cabela's headquarters is located in Sidney, Nebraska. Richard Cabela spent $45 on fishing supplies at a Chicago furniture expo in 1961. He advertised those supplies for sale in a local paper and also in several nationwide publications. When people made a purchase, he included a small catalog of other items for sale. As Mr. Cabela continued making more sales, his business grew exponentially. He, his wife and his brother set up a business in Sidney in 1963. Today, Cabela's has grown into a publicly traded corporation earning more than $3 billion in sales each year. Although the owner and founder died in 2014, the history of Cabela's is still in the making. The company plans to continue and honor the founder's hard work.