GameStop Corp, or GameStop, is a video game retailer that sells game consoles, video games as well as PC games for online play. They have physical locations and an online portal that allows for digital downloads. Along with games, they sell collectibles of interest to gamers and distribute a magazine for those who are immersed in the gaming community. 

Shopping Tips for Game Stop

Clearance Racks. Games, consoles, gear and collectibles can be purchased from clearance racks after major holidays when items haven't sold as well as expected. You can also get clearance items on their website, which includes digital downloads.
Reward Programs. Game Stop has a rewards program for its dedicated gamers who want incredible deals. To become a member, you'll have to pay a yearly membership fee. Once purchased, members get money off every purchase and points that can be used towards purchases.

Deals Page. There are incredible discounts and deals to be found on their deals page. Along with any coupon codes, clearance items and deals on this page will give customers terrific discounts.

Turn-Ins. When you purchase games from Game Stop, you're able to play that game for weeks or months before returning it for cash towards new games. The amount you'll receive will depend on how much demand there is for the game.



This company has released popular gaming systems like one of the first consoles, which was the NES. They have GameCube, Game Boy and Wii. In 2017, they will release their newest system, which is called Switch. The company has popular games like Super Mario Brothers that are exclusive to their world of consoles.


The Xbox 360 and Xbox One are popular systems that can play various games from popular companies. Games like Call of Duty or Dead Rising franchises are popular on this system.


One of the most popular game consoles is the Playstation including the PS3 and PlayStation VR, which is powered by PS4. They'll be coming out with VR gear for players to enjoy a new virtual reality experience while still supplying games to their popular PS3 and PS4 systems.

Shipping Policy

Products that are ordered online or at the store for delivery will be processed and shipped the next day when ordered from Monday through Friday.

The shipping costs vary depending on the method of delivery, which ranges from one day delivery to priority handling. Software preorders are delivered on the day of release with one-day shipping. Express shipping orders are delivered within 48 hours of release day.

They don't ship or process on the weekends.

Game Stop orders can be delivered through UPS My Choice, which is a new option for customers.

The billing address and shipping address must match for shipping outside of the United States or Canada. International customers can get International Economy shipping with the associated rates.

History of Game Stop

The company's history started out as Babbage's in 1984, which began to sell video games for Atari 2600. An early investor in the company was Ross Perot. In 1987, they began to sell video games for Nintendo. At the time, Nintendo had the NES.

They've been the NeoStar Retail Group, which lasted from 1994 to 1996, and back to Babbage's Etc. from 1996 to 1999. Barnes and Noble acquired the company in 1999 for 215 million dollars. A year later, they bought Funco and merged the two companies. Around the same time, they acquired Game Informer, which is a magazine dedicated to the world of video gaming.

In 2004, the company became the Game Stop that gamers know and love. Since becoming Game Stop, the company has acquired other companies like EB Games, Free Record Shop and New England Comics to name a few.

Game Stop is a retailer that wants its customers to receive the best deals possible. To this end, they make it simple for customers to get deals, discounts and the best prices for game-related merchandise.

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