Home Depot

Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the leading home improvement chains in the United States. The store is known for its competitive prices and wide selection of merchandise. It offers lumber and lumber cutting services. Also, customers can rent power tools, carpet cleaning machines, moving trucks and other equipment from the store.

Home Depot Shopping Tips

The best place to find current Home Depot deals is on the company's Savings Center page. They frequently offer discounts on appliances, fixtures or other specific items. For example, they may run a special for 30 percent off any grill in the spring. In the winter, they may have a special for 25 percent off any Whirlpool appliance.

This page is packed with savings opportunities and Home Depot coupons. If you scroll down on the Savings Center page, you will see links to clearance items and promo deals. On the left side of the page, there is a menu featuring more ways to save. If you need to buy cleaning supplies, click on the cleaning coupon book link. You can also shop for overstock items, clearance products, rebates and specials that only last for 24 hours. Another good way to save is to check out the company's credit and financing offers.

If you need to buy a major appliance or a lot of remodeling fixtures, you can often finance them for no interest or low interest for a specific time period. The company frequently offers free shipping on some items, and most items can be shipped from the site's warehouse to your local Home Depot store for free. Physical stores often have specials that are exclusive to their location.

Another way to save is to find the best local Home Depot deals by using their local ad search tool. Simply enter your location to see nearest stores and their weekly offerings. Many people are unaware of Home Depot's additional savings offerings for contractors. If you have a remodeling project and need a professional to handle the work for an affordable and honest price, Home Depot has plenty of resources for discounted delivery, short jobs, long-term projects and much more.

The best times to shop at Home Depot are around holidays and at the end of each season. You can find clearance items for more than 50 percent less than their original price. Also, Black Friday is a huge day for sales. However, you should plan to arrive early. If you prefer to shop online, look for Home Depot's Cyber Monday deals. Home Depot will now let you look up an item and text you the aisle and bay numbers for it at a chosen local store. This saves time on your next in-store shopping trip. Also, this site feature will check the store's inventory to ensure availability. There is no app download required.

How To Use Home Depot Promo Codes

You can find Home Depot coupons in several places on the web. The company often publishes codes on their site. If you see a code text on a page, write it down or copy it. You will need it for the checkout process. When you have the desired items in your basket, click on the shopping cart link. Under the summary box of your order on the right side of the page, click the plus sign next to the promo code prompt. Enter the code in the box, and click apply. Be sure to use the correct case for letters. You cannot enter multiple Home Depot promo codes in a single transaction. If the coupon is for an in-store purchase, print it out. You may be able to present it on your phone as well if you do not have access to printer. Jump to top

History Of Home Depot

In 1978, plans for Home Depot chains started to form. The three founders and an investor planned to build a chain of stores that provided more inventory and better prices than competitors. The first two Home Depot stores were opened in 1979. Two other stores opened soon after, and the chain spread quickly. By 1984, it was recognized on the New York Stock Exchange. The company's headquarters is located close to Atlanta, Georgia.

Home Depot became more competitive around 2000 when a new CEO was chosen. The new changes implemented by the CEO boosted sales but also cut jobs, benefits and employee communication. The company fell a few spots on the Fortune 500 list, and the EXPO design chain that it had acquired closed its stores across the country. The company changed CEOs again a few times after that. More employees were laid off during the recession of the late 2000s, and several stores closed. However, Home Depot recovered and continued operating. Home Depot acquired Interline Brands in 2015.