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Shopping Tips at Nordstrom

Knowledgeable customers know how to save money and increase the pleasure of shopping at Nordstrom. The Good Stuff recommends these shopping tips for new and returning customers.

• Customer service helped the store make history, and you can get an efficient salesperson to help you locate an item that is hard to find.

• Take a break in one of the convenient cafes or restaurants for a chance to check your shopping list while you get a rest and a snack.

• To enjoy the luxury of wearing lingerie that fits you, let a knowledgeable salesperson take your measurements. A professional bra fitter can recommend lingerie that flatters your body.

• Let a Nordstrom professional steam your tux or your wedding dress with exceptional skill. You can get help with your bow tie as well.

• The company that started as a shoe store is still the best place to find footwear in regular or odd widths and sizes. You can find high fashion shoes that do not hurt your feet.

• Nordstrom stylists offer free appointments to update your wardrobe, advise you on fashion trends or suggest an outfit for a special occasion.

• Take a moment at the Nordstrom website to complete a short questionnaire about your body type and a brand that you like. The computer system uses your answers to predict clothes that match your preferences. 

• Alterations on full-price suits, tuxedos and sports coats are free at all Nordstrom locations. Hemming your full-price denim purchases is free as well.

• Use your computer to filter search results at Check the availability of items at a store near you, place an order and pick up your purchase at your convenience.

Redeeming Discounts 

Many promotions require no special action, and it is easy to redeem Nordstrom promo codes as an expression of appreciation from the company. You can find them on the product details or promotion page. When you check out, you can enter Nordstrom promo codes to receive valuable discounts.


 Nordstrom history illustrates the power of opportunity for immigrants in America. A country whose citizens are descendants of people from other countries appeals to anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and wants to work hard. John Nordstrom had a dream of coming to America, the land of opportunity, and he left his homeland in 1887 at the age of 16.

Nordstrom was in the largest wave of immigrants who chose to escape harsh economic conditions in Sweden, according to Countries and Their Cultures. Earlier waves of Swedish immigrants had chosen to live in the upper Midwest, and he joined them until he decided to move further west.


Understanding Nordstrom History 

Working menial jobs as he traveled across the country, Nordstrom earned the money to buy a 20-acre potato farm near Seattle. However, the appeal of prospecting in the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush in Canada’s Yukon Territory lured him away from the farm. The adventure introduced him to Carl 

Wallin, a shoemaker who offered him a business partnership in return for some of his prospecting profits. 

• Achieving a Goal 
By 1901, Nordstrom was ready to settle down by marrying and operating the Wallin and Nordstrom shoe store in Seattle. With his wife, Hilda, he had five children, and three of them followed their father into the family business. Customers enjoyed the store's quality, value, selection and exceptional service, and their patronage led Nordstrom and Wallin to open a second store. Nordstrom granted his second oldest son, a University of Washington graduate, the responsibility of managing the opening in 1923.

• Choosing Young Leaders
Retiring in 1928, Nordstrom sold his ownership in the company to two of his sons, Everett and Elmer. When Wallin retired about a year later, he sold his ownership to Nordstrom’s sons as well. The third son, Lloyd, joined the company in 1933. 

In the years preceding 1960, Nordstrom history was made. The company opened six more shoe stores, making it the country’s largest independent shoe chain. Expanding into the women’s clothing market with the purchase of Seattle’s Best Apparel a few years later, the company dropped Wallin’s name and became Nordstrom Best. The sons led the company into clothing for men and children in 1966, just two years short of putting the third generation in charge.

• Achieving Worldwide Success
By 1971, Nordstrom passed the $100 million mark in sales and became a public company. Continuing to expand its markets during the next 17 years, it opened Nordstrom Rack as an outlet in Seattle and a store in Alaska, entered the California market and established a presence on the East Coast. Under the leadership of the fourth generation, the company deserves its reputation as a fashion specialty chain with a global reach and sales that exceed $14 billion.