Safeway is one of the oldest and most recognizable store names in the grocery industry. It is now a subsidiary company of the Albertson’s grocery company but maintains an independent presence in many communities throughout the western United States. 

Safeway stores offer a complete selection of grocery items, along with other consumer products that attract a large range of shoppers. They operate both physical stores and online shopping options to accommodate a diverse shopper demand. Safeway is an equal-opportunity employer, provides excellent employee and shopper benefits, and extends very attractive incentives to loyal shoppers.

Finding Safeway Deals

The best way to find deals when shopping at Safeway is to take advantage of Safeway Club Card savings. Every customer has the opportunity to register with the store and create a shopper account. This account allows shoppers to receive extremely generous discounts in both physical and online store locations. Club Card memberships are activated by providing a telephone number at the point of purchase. Not only does this result in massive overall checkout savings, but it builds points toward savings on other outside purchases like gas station fill-ups. Safeway has partnered with many other companies to offer savings incentives.

Every department in Safeway stores operates on a “daily delivery” system. This means store stock is regularly rotated, and in-store savings are frequent. Be sure to look for yellow, blue, and pink product tags that indicate savings ranging from 30-75% off on single items. Daily yellow tags are also displayed on shelves to direct Safeway Club Card members toward key items that can be purchased with large discounts. 

Safeway Club Membership

When a customer creates a Safeway Club Card membership, they also have the option to receive bonus shopping discounts through regular email notices. These notices include valuable and printable coupons for items in select store departments. They also provide information about other store savings and seasonal incentives like the Safeway annual Monopoly game prize extravaganza. 

Another wonderful aspect of shopping at Safeway stores is the ease in returning any item. The only thing that is needed to return an item is a purchase receipt. All Safeway stores are on a corporate network, so returns can be made at stores that are different from points of purchase. Having a Club Card membership makes this an easy transaction. It guarantees savings through every transaction. With a Safeway Club Card membership, it is nearly impossible to walk away from a Safeway physical store or print an online coupon, without earning substantial savings on products.