Tanga is a favorite online shopping spot for everything wacky, geeky, fun and hip. The site is known for its great sales and low prices. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because it constantly rotates merchandise as things sell out. This gives you the unique opportunity of looking forward to something new every time you visit Tanga.

Since Tanga's philosophy is to treat everyone like family, the company promises to do everything possible to make amends if your order is incorrect. Tanga keeps its prices so low because the company works with larger companies when they have closeouts. By negotiating a good price to take the additional merchandise from the larger company's inventory, Tanga saves money and passes along that savings to customers. Although this comes with a repercussion of longer shipping times, most customers do not mind waiting to get a great price on a popular product.

Tanga Shopping Tips

One of the attraction points of the site is that the company offers at least two new sales each day. They start early in the morning and last until late afternoon. If you have trouble remembering to get online during this time, Tanga also provides courtesy notifications when you create an account.

The company staffs people who know how to craft phenomenal offers. They call these their "real deals." Since Tanga knows that everyone loves low prices on their favorite brands but also wants to see products that are not found anywhere else, they take both of those important concepts into consideration when they develop new savings offers.

One of the best ways to save money is to scroll to the bottom of Tanga's site where the email subscription box is located. Enter your email address to receive sale notifications, exclusive offers and coupon codes. Also, you will stay updated with news about the company and new products as they arrive.

As a way of thanking you for your business, Tanga also offers a 10 percent discount coupon after your first order ships. Be sure to check out the daily deals on the main page. Each day comes with a theme. For example, a crazy eights day includes a bunch of items that are on sale for $8. The company offers everything from BOGO sales to huge discounts on larger items. Many people like the email subscription feature because of the ever-changing sale offers since it gives them the ability to watch for their favorite items going on sale.

Be sure to check the site at the end of each season. Tanga does some major cleaning of their inventory around these times, and you can find rock-bottom prices on your favorite items before they are gone for good. If you are lucky, you may find a coupon code for a discount and enjoy that discount on top of a sale price. Another good time to shop with Tanga is on Black Friday after Thanksgiving and again on Cyber Monday just a few days later. Also, there are good Christmas sales.

Tanga coupons are scattered across the web in different places. The best way to find a coupon is by visiting the site directly. If you have a coupon code that is not featured on Tanga.com, you can try to enter it at checkout. Once you have one or more items in your basket, proceed to checkout as if you were making a purchase. The coupon or promo code box appears on the page before the one where you enter financial information. Type in the code, and pay attention to capitalization of any letters. If the code does not work, it is probably expired.

You cannot use more than one coupon code per order when buying from Tanga. Some codes may give you discounts on clearance or sale items. For example, the 10 percent discount coupon for loyalty takes 10 percent from the total of your entire order. Always check here first for coupons and valuable shopping information for any online retailer.


History Of Tanga

The business started out in 2006 in a concrete garage in Arizona. With a drive and goals to get out of that location, the founders worked hard at developing expansion strategies. When Tanga first started, the owners sold about one board game per night. Some of the company's more popular merchandise included LOL shirts and sunglasses. From there, Tanga continued expanding by targeting the geek crowd. By 2014, Tanga was ranked at 500 among the top 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the country. Tanga made 5 million sales before the end of 2016. Today, it features over 1 million products on its site.