Target is a popular retail chain that offers a number of high quality items including clothing, electronics, home decorations and more. With over 1500 stores in the United States alone, Target is one of the fastest growing retail chains with some of the most competitive pricing available. Not only that, but Target has some of the friendliest staff around ensuring that your visit is a positive one.


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The History of Target

The history of Target stores started with the decision of a New York banker and real estate investor to enter the merchandising market in the Midwest. After investing in Goodfellow’s Dry Goods Company in 1881, George D. Daytonbought the Minneapolis company and renamed it. Dayton Dry Goods Company thrived for 60 years before becoming Target with a bullseye logo in 1962.

Creating a Company Philosophy

The history of Target shows that Dayton guided the company with his Presbyterian belief in providing a “higher ground of stewardship” until his death in 1938. His philosophy gave direction to a business approach that honored a tradition of selling dependable goods with fair practices. His concept of giving gave rise to the Dayton Foundation, now the Target Foundation, with a $1 million endowment in 1918.

• Engaging in Innovative Marketing
A strike by freight handlers in 1920 prevented shipments of stock for Dayton’s store. Instead of disappointing shoppers with empty shelves, he hired two Northwest Airlines planes to deliver 400 pounds of merchandise from New York to his Minneapolis store. As the longest commercial flight by any airline until then, the innovative marketing technique helped expand transportation options for American businesses.

• Developing Entertaining Attractions
Radio broadcasting enjoyed a boom in 1922, and Dayton created a station in his store. As one of only six stations in Minneapolis, its power reached beyond the Midwest to England.

• Creating Traditions
Dayton’s son George instituted a policy of giving 5 percent of profits to the community in 1946. His grandsons expanded product lines to include home furnishings and fabrics in 1953 and created the first branch store the following year. In 1956, Dayton opened a store in a suburban mall. Only five years later, the company launched plans to create the Target brand.

With over 1500 stores in the United States alone, Target is one of the fastest growing retail chains with some of the most competitive pricing available. Not only that, but Target has some of the friendliest staff around ensuring that your visit is a positive one.

Target is one of the best stores to shop, whether you want to buy something for yourself or someone else. Thanks to the massive selection of items available, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. Target even offers a number of premium gift wrapping services to make sure that things are as convenient as possible for you.

If that wasn't enough, Target also offers a number of daily sales that reduce the financial burden on you, the consumer. Between their daily sales and the deals and coupons available, it's not unreasonable for you to expect to walk away with a ton of great items for a very small amount of money. With Target, the savings have never been better!


How to Use Target Coupons

Target allows you to combine one valid company coupon with one manufacturer coupon and one Cartwheel offer per item, and either digital or paper is acceptable. Some requirements for using coupons include these:

• Make sure that your coupon has a scannable GS1 barcode instead of a UPC-A barcode.
• Present your coupons and Cartwheel offers at checkout.
• Remember that Target has the right to refuse to accept a coupon for any reason.
• Use no more than four identical coupons per household per day.
• You cannot apply a coupon or a Cartwheel offer to your previous purchases.
• Make sure that your purchase matches the exact description on the coupon, including brand name, color or flavor, quantity and size.
• Coupons that are copied, purchased or sold, altered, transferred, scanned, counterfeited or prohibited by law are invalid.
• Target applies the value of your coupon up to the reduced price of an item but does not apply any excess value to your total purchase.
• Target does not apply any overages in coupon value to other items in your transaction.
• You may not get cash back after your purchase.
• Traget coupons reduce the taxable amount on the items that you buy. Target calculates sales tax on the full value of your purchase before applying the value of your coupon.
• You cannot use coupons for products that Target does not carry in stores.
• Some stores may not have the items that you seek.
• You may not use Target coupons, Cartwheel offers or Cartwheel manufacturer coupons on items sold by CVS stores.

Target Policy on Coupons

Target offers restrictions on internet coupons and on those that apply to storewide, category/department or buy one get one free (BOGO) purchases.

• Target accepts internet coupons that you can print at home if they have a scannable barcode. The store rejects coupons that offer free items without purchase requirements.
• You may use only one category coupon per guest for any one category.
• You must meet the purchase requirements that appear on each valid coupon. 
• Target applies percent off category coupons to all items in your purchase that qualify for the discount. However, you cannot apply any other identical storewide or category/department coupon to products.
• A BOGO coupon allows you to receive one product for free when you present two of the affected items at checkout. Presenting two BOGO coupons does not let you receive both items for free.
• You may receive a Target Gift Card for the coupon value on any item that you need to return.

 Target Shopping Tips

Target discounts items in increments from 15 percent up to 90 percent. You can anticipate another markdown on discounted items that end in $0.06 or $0.08. Discounts after a holiday sale let you save 50, 75 or 90 percent during the week that follows. Check the website to find five of the company's Daily Deals with deep discounts. The items usually appear for only one day and offer free shipping.




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