Under Armour

Under Armour

Under Armour is an American retail chain that produces and sells footwearsports and casual apparel. Offering clothing and shoes for men, women and children, you'll be able to find something unique for everyone in the family! Specializing in moisture-wicking microfiber t-shirts, Under Armour sells high-quality products at a relatively low cost. The company has also launched a variety of technological products that help improve your workout. Scroll down to find out more!

Fabric Technology

Under Armour is known for producing clothes that are meant to help you perform to the best of your ability. Here are a few of their fabrics that go a step beyond average athleticwear. 

Threadborne Siro fabric is built to eliminate distraction. The material keeps the ideal distance between fabric and athlete, so it won't cling when wet and dries incredibly fast. 

Athlete Recovery Sleepwear focuses on giving you the best rest possible. The key is the print on the inside of the clothing which leverages the power of Far Infrared. The soft bioceramic print on the inside of the garment absorbs the body’s natural heat and reflects Far Infrared back to the skin.

Sunblock performance gear is made with built-in UPF 30+ sun protection so you can spend your day outdoors without worry!

CoolSwitch uses an exclusive coating on the inside of the garment that pulls heat away from your skin, so you actually feel cooler resulting in a higher performance.

UA Technology 

From Smart Gear, Fitness Apps, Fabric Technology and Footwear Technology, Under Armour is stepping up their game and bringing you fitness products that will aid and improve your athletic performance.

Smart Gear

You'd be surprised to discover that Under Armour sells a ton of accessories with built-in technology that helps you live a healthier life. Items include: 

UA Fitness Band (starting at $180). Track your sleep, heart rate, steps and workout.

UA Heart Rate Chest Band ($80). Gives you the best and most precise heart rate reading for every workout.

UA Smart Scale ($180). This amazing piece of technology tracks your body weight, body fat percentage and progress towards your weight goal. Plus add up to 8 users who can select their weight goal and track their progress and the scale will automatically recognize each user. Talk about smart!

UA HealthBox™ ($400). Get all of the above-mentioned fitness devices in one! The HealthBox tracks your health and fitness so you can feel better and live longer. Plus get a FREE 1-year membership to MyFitnessPal Premium & MapMyFitness MVP with your purchase of UA HealthBox™!

Footwear Technology

Under Armour takes footwear seriously. So seriously, they've produced shoes that track your running goals, customized shoes, and more!

UA Digitally Connected Shoes (Starting at $139). These digitally connected shoes track every metric that matters to runners. The sensor inside the shoe syncs with UA MapMyRun phone app and tracks your time, cadence, duration, distance, and splits. These digitally connected shoes come in three different styles: one for speed, another for comfort and the last for stability so you can get exactly what you're looking for.

UA Icon Customized Shoes (Starting at $130). Personalize your footwear with Under Armour's Icon shoes. First, choose the style of your shoe then let your imagination run wild! Customize your shoes from the laces to the sole! You can even import a graphic or photo onto the shoe for extra uniqueness! 

Speedform™ (Starting at $130). Created to have the most precise fit, feel, and comfort possible, Speedform shoes are perfect for the average athlete. The shoe offers the first-ever molded, seamless heel cup that feels like an extension of your own foot. Plus it has external TPU heel counter so stability and locked-in support is enhanced. Choose from three different styles to get the perfect fit!

How to Save with Under Armour

  • Receive free shipping on all orders that are $49 or more every day 
  • College students and military members are eligible to receive 10% off their orders
  • Free returns on all orders
  • Visit their outlet store to get savings on end of season items

Under Armour
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History of Under Armour

Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. At the time, Plank was only 23 years old, the captain of the University of Maryland football team and working on his business in his grandmother's basement. Plank wanted a solution to the sweat-soaked T-shirts he wore under his jersey while playing football so he was inspired to create a garment similar to his compression shorts that stayed dry. After graduating, he developed his first t-shirt prototype made out of moisture-wicking synthetic fabric. He gave his prototype to his college friends that soon moved on to playing in the NFL. 

Soon enough, Under Armour was found on the front page of USA Today when its turtleneck was worn by Oakland Raiders quarterback Jeff George. Following that, Georgia Tech contacted Plank requesting 10 shirts. This deal opened doors to more contracts with Arizona State University, North Carolina State, and other Divison I football teams. With these sales along with other apparel products, Under Armour generated $17,000 in sales during their first year. In 1997, Plank had $100,000 in orders to fill. From then on Under Armour grew to become one of the largest athletic brands in the world.