Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Saving Some Extra Funds At Urban Outfitters

Just because you are on a budget does not mean that you cannot dress nicely. Urban Outfitters wants to make sure of this by offering all kinds of discounts and promotions wherever possible. They offer many more discounts than your typical clothing store because they like to do things differently. You can in fact find a number of ways to save money when you shop at this store, and that is something that should catch your attention.

Student Discount

A student discount is common at a lot of stores, but Urban Outfitters capitalizes on this because they realize how many of their shoppers are in fact students. The ability to give those students an extra ten percent off of their purchase is something that comes in handy for the student trying to survive on the Ramen Noodle diet. 

Return Policy

The return policy for Urban Outfitters is pretty generous. That is to say that it offers customers up to thirty days to return merchandise that has been unworn, unwashed, or defective. Basically, if you get a gift from Urban Outfitters that you don't particularly care for, you can always return it for a refund. You will need the original receipt as a proof of purchase in order to get your refund however. Also, make sure to ask where the refund will be sent to as some stores automatically send refunds back to the card from which the merchandise was originally purchased. If that purchaser was not you, then you might just be replacing the funds of the person who bought it for you. 

How Are Things Shipped?

The shipping policy for Urban Outfitters is actually very straightforward and logical. They break it down into tables that are easy to understand. Basically, if you are spending fifty dollars or more on your purchase, then your shipping is free. Anything less than that will cost you $4.95 for standard shipping. If you just have to have it sent faster, expect to pay either $14.95 or $21.95 depending on how fast you need it there. It is definitely to your advantage to think ahead with this kind of purchase. Also, if you are close to spending fifty dollars with your order anyone, you might want to purchase something else so that you can save on the shipping costs. This of course is a factor of math and how much your order will cost in general.